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Hi, just wanted to +1 to this question. Very important to know where the planes are. The table "Aircraft" does show the location, but there doesn't seem to appear any module in PHP-VMS that shows that.


How I see it, it would be very useful to have on the bidding page the possibility of selecting the aircraft (tail number) available at that location. In other words, no flight possible originating at an airport where there aren't any aircraft located. 



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I do not understand why people still link or reference PhpVms v5 modules to v7 posts ...


They will not work unless you re-write them from ground up, which is technically much harder than building your own module.


There is no publicly shared module for fleet management or so called "real booking" logic. And there are reasons for it, the main reason is that phpvms v7 is still under development, though most of the main code is stable and working, this does not mean that it will not be changed and/or logics will stay the same from today to tomorrow. So any module developed today with the latest dev may not work one week later, or work in a non expected way.


This little details is keeping developer a little bit away from working on phpvms v7, some of us on the other hand using this development process to build our own modules/widgets etc and improve them as phpvms v7 becomes more stable and capable day by day.


For the main question, Maco already builded his own aircraft/fleet location display module and already shared it with people willing to use. I do have shared my module with some selected kind people and virtual airlines who/which are using v7 as their main operational software.


And for the aircraft selection logic, there are some options in phpvms v7 which may change how the aircrafts become available to pilots and how they are blocked, so a simple logic (check if there are any aircrafts at that airport and list them) would not work as thought, you need to check multiple options and go through multiple layers of services to get a proper list of aircraft. I am not trying to say that it is impossible, of course it is possible but not easy as most people are thinking.


Anyway, in my personal opinion, when v7 reaches a state of RC (release candidate) or gets released as v7.0 some modules will start to be public, maybe free of charge maybe payware but there will be some modules trying to enhance the core.


Please just do not share or reference old version modules for v7, which may broke somebodies working installation and/or unwanted/incompatible files may cause trouble later on.


Safe flights to all

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