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  1. If its the default you are trying to change I think its located in in the app.blade file or the nav.blade file. But if you change it and update will revert it unless you build a clone of the default. Doug
  2. I have seen this myself, if they detect an issue with your users it blocks you, if you are a vis host user I suggest you send Nabeel a ticket. Doug
  3. reading that looks like he had to get the host to do something, hope you can get it sorted. Try sending him a direct message as well. regards Doug
  4. That's does not sound quite right the IP address looks to be local to your PC, are you sure it has installed on your server correctly. Also have you checked that the host you are using meets the criteria that phpvms v7 requires to run correctly. Normally when you first login in it should go to the homepage which shows very little such as new users. You should then have a nav bar at the top with dashboard and other items, that is assuming you are using the default them. You are right that pressing the phpvms logo from admin should take you to the dashboard. It might be worth checking the discord server and sending in logs from your system.... https://docs.phpvms.net/help Regards Doug
  5. Sorry no Mac client at all, my Mac users just report manually.
  6. Hi Luis, That's fine for PHPvms v7 but that does not solve the Acars scenery database issue. I checked, both Airports will lookup and go into PHPvms I am sorry but I do not use makerunways and never have but it was that program that is skipping your airports. I am not sure who solved it, maybe it was Disposable Hero. They somehow added the data manually to the makerunways data file and that solved it. But it is definitely a problem with that software. Maybe they might have a solution in the Pete Dowson forum for that software. Also check Avsim forum. regards Doug
  7. Hi, Normally a scan of scenery with Acars sorts this problem. I have heard of a small problem if you use Makerunways to scan, it would appear that this software can skip passed some airports. I think I saw somewhere that someone had to enter the airport manually in the data file. However that's all a guess, what Simulator are you using ? Is the scenery actually in the simulator ? I did find that in MS2020 an airport was skipped also. regards Doug
  8. Can I suggest you submit a help ticket via the host. The only time I had trouble was getting the IP blocked after several attempts to log in. If you cannot ask Nabeel he will add your IP to his white list. Doug
  9. Hi, I have been going into my cPanel on hosting and blocking ranges of IP addresses, I used to block one at a time but they still kept coming. But blocking ranges has had a big effect reducing the amount of them. I can always tell because they populate the IVAO snd VATSIM fields with rubbish. regards Doug
  10. You need to clear the caches, go to phpvms/bootstrap/cache and delete the lot and it will work. regards Doug
  11. It is something with your system as on a Monday nights 4 of us fly the same flight and book it right through to Acars. Make sure you have it set to clear for disable flight on bid We also have allowed multiple bids Clear the cache etc in maintenance also regards Doug
  12. Try exiting and restarting a new flight. If when starting Acars it say flight is in progress just say No to continue and the system will delete and prefiled pirep. Failing that delete your data files and rescan the scenery and setup. And last of all if that all fails delete entire Acars setup with data file and download a new one. Regards Doug
  13. Hi Garry, The best person for this kind of thing is Nabeel he know it very well. There are a few guys on the discord server who can also help. Sorry I am not much help, but I do know that one guy who was like us in knowledge did managed to get it all working. I think the main issues was getting the system to understand where the phpvms was installed and where the public folder was. regards Doug
  14. Actually in the default v7 the pilot can only see his own flights and that is all of them. It is only in the admin section you see all pireps, but some people have written modules to allow you to view all pireps. Doug
  15. That means nothing if the link drops, sometimes it will re-establish, it is down to reliability of your link. Doug
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