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Database Setup Loop


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I am installing a new instance of phpVMS in the following configuration:

Server1 = CentOS 7 w/ Apache & PHP 7.4 = PHPVMS Web Server
Server2 = CentOS 7 w/ MariaDB = PHPVMS Database Server

I connect to the website via a nginx reverse proxy and can access the site no problem to start the installation. I can see the pre-requisite page/module page and it shows everything green and ok. I then click to input the database configuration and when I test the db connectivity with the test button, it returns ok and connects. I then click the "Setup database" button, and the page that I am on simply refreshes and nothing happens. According to the documentation, it should start to configure the db and the tables, but it just refreshes and re-displays the input boxes for the db configuration. 

Has anyone encountered this?




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Can you check the Laravel logs? It seems like it just loops but doesn't output the error, though it should be. And make sure the permissions are correct - it's possible it couldn't create the two config files in the root directory (env.php and config.php) - do you see those created?

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