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StislaSkin smartCARS FltBook Issue [SOLVED]


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Hello everyone! If you are having an issue with Fltbook bids not showing up on your "my bids" page with the StislaSkin when bidding on a flight through smartCARS. I've finally figured it out to fix the issue!!! Enough talk!

Go to:


go to line 31 and change: 

$bids = FltbookData::getBidsForPilot(Auth::$userinfo->pilotid);


$bids = SchedulesData::getBids(Auth::$userinfo->pilotid);

 There! PROBLEM SOLVED! After nagging and looking in the forums for months! And getting no response or help from anybody about it I was fiddling with the codes and found out that FltbookData was the reason that was happening, and I was looking for a default Bid code that would still display my bids. I don't know if what i said made sense but I'm not a coder and i didn't go to college or uni to study computer science i just learned the language from the help of this forum community. Hopefully somebody that was having this issue will now have it solved just like i did.

P.S. If that code isnt on line 31 for you just ctrl+F and search for FltbookData, and you know the rest... 


Be Blessed all!!

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