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  1. Curshad

    Phpvms not sending email

    Hey guys I apologize for digging up a old thread. However, I am going through the same issue. Whenever I accept a pilot there is no confirmation email being sent out. At first it was giving me a "file does not exist error" and i have resolved that. Im on php 5.5 And I am at a stand still. I replaced emailss in the admin center itself. in the app config and nothing. Our host is SmarterASP not sure if that would matter or not? anyways i can post my local app and app config coding if you like. But i would need to hide personal info correct? please get back as soon as you can and i greatly appreciate any kind of help =D
  2. Curshad

    TemplateSet error

    Is there a way to check other than cpanel? because i get the same error with multiple things. I am also running 5.5 at first i was like ok te file is just missing. I double check to be sure it is. and it's not. Then i thought ok maybe it is just a coding error in the templateset class. But i did some investigations on the forum and no1 but this guy has that "file doesnt exist" error so i am at a standstill.. Edit: That error i believe prevents emails from going out to pilots that are accepted and approved when signing up.
  3. Curshad

    Release skin phpVMS admin panel [FREE]

    Link is dead. Does anyone have??
  4. Curshad

    SouthWest Virtual Hiring Pilots!

    Ya'll bug him though... Lol
  5. Curshad

    Pilot Profile not updating

    Hey simpilot, I've just figured a little something out in virtualmin. I went to user permissions, and my MySQL database stuff before i got a VPS was "skybaham" and i saw it didnt have any permissions So i'm gonna test and see if it works. If not i'll check the MySQL File permissions and stuff. (Also I believe the same user is in my local config and stuff)
  6. Curshad

    Pilot Profile not updating

    Hi no. I needn't too. This only occurred after that VPS transfer. For I should just restor my old MYSQL backed up files ?
  7. Curshad

    Pilot Profile not updating

    I will double check the files as for the scripts being corrupted. What do you recommend me to do? I am sure it's something in the database now. because i cannot add pilots VATSIM ID's Like I would add it in and save it. But there is no change to the roster or their profile. Pilots can still signup though.
  8. Curshad

    Pilot Profile not updating

    Ok so I got a VPS cause i had a 508 Resource Limit Issue. It is resolved. Now that I am on my own VPS im using Virtualmin and everything is so different and weird. >.< . Anyway I got (and I think still am getting) permission denied erorrs even though i navigated to the folders and set them to 0777. (the small permission errors seem to affect noting) Anyway I am in the admin center trying to update a pilot profile (it says edit saved (or whatever the heck it says) u know the green thing) but its not saving. I use to get a permission error (fixed it) but the info still wont save. I cant as well edit pages within the admin center either. Like i can save it but its not updating. Sigh I am really considering switching host providers too, but I am pretty sure alot of stuff will get messed up in the process. Can anyone help? Please!?
  9. Hey guys i cannot save and edit my pages. i switched VPS and i QUADdrouple checked the permissions they are 777 even on the common folder heres what i get: Warning: fopen(/home/skybaham/public_html/core/pages/teamspeaksetup.htm): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/skybaham/public_html/core/common/SiteData.class.php on line 258 There was an error saving content Content saved
  10. Curshad


    Sorry for the late reply, The issue is the menu button when i tap it. it brings up my default cove nav but the dropdown menus within those nav wont load if i tap the word and the layout is all aligned badly. I see the pc version loads first then afterwards something kicks in to bring up the mobile site. I just wanna take out that mobile site feature.
  11. Hello Chase so after you switched hosting providers like stated you just change the url in the local config right? I just want to confirm. I think I might switch from hosting24.com i kept getting a 508 error then when i bought my VPS and pointed my domain to the VPS i am still having issues and I am really frustrated that not more than 2 pilots can fly without constantly getting 508 resource limit error.
  12. Curshad

    Vatsim Data Reader

    reply deleted.
  13. Curshad

    My signature banner is not appearing :(

    I don't know why but I always manage to find out what stupidness I did wrong after I ask for help. I had deleted my background folder that's why the images weren't generating
  14. Curshad

    My signature banner is not appearing :(

    my reset signatures button not working. Folder permission 777 (my signature at the bottom currently not showing. I had a resource limit issue but thats resolved could that be the problem?