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  1. a few days later ive realized i didn't quite crack it. If anyone has got a clue please let me know. In acarsmap.php the flight phase detail shown for each flight coding is <%=flight.phasedetail%> I tried using code <td> <?php if ('<%=flight.phasedetail%>' == Preflight) { echo '<span class="label label-success">Boarding</span>'; } elseif ('<%=flight.phasedetail%>' == Cruising) { echo '<span class="label label-warning">Cruising</span>'; } ?> </td> But that doesnt seem to show anything, so i thought i fixed it with this: <td><?php if ($flight->phasedetail == 'Preflight') {echo '<span class="label label-success"><img src="https://myvadomain.com/towers2.png" width="15" height="15"></img>Boarding</span>';} elseif ($flight->phasedetail == 'Boarding') ?></td> This does work but i have to add <table> <?php $results = ACARSData::GetACARSData($flight->phasedetail); if (count($results) > 0) { foreach($results as $flight) { if($flight->client == 'FSACARS') {$plane = OperationsData::getAircraftInfo($flight->aircraft);} else {$plane = OperationsData::getAircraftByReg($flight->aircraft);} ?> <?php } } else { ?> <tr><td border="0" width="20%" align="center" colspan="6" style="padding: 5px; font-size: 13px; text-align:center; font-weight: bold; color: #A02626;">No Flights in Progress...</td></tr> <?php } ?> </table> for it to show the phase detail(lets call that code my fix). The problem with that is it is using one flight phase detail and showing it up on others, for example 2 or more pilots would be flying each with a different flight phase but "my fix" would show one flight phase for those 2 or more pilots who would be cruising, landing, etc. I have no idea how to get the if statement to follow this <%=flight.phasedetail%> and not anymore this $flight->phasedetail . I finally tried this <td><?php $flights = ACARSData::GetACARSData(); if ($flights) foreach ($flights as $flight) if ($flight->phasedetail == 'Preflight') {echo '<span class="label label-success"><img src="https://domainname.com/image.png" width="15" height="15"></img>Boarding</span>';}</td> And thats the hottest trail i've come to getting the results im looking for. im going to give up and discontinue this cause I have no clue wat the heck im doing or need to do. I feel like some people know, but the want/need to share knowledge & help just isn't with today's earthling society. If anyone else can point me in the right way i'd be greatful. if not good luck continuing where i've stopped. I have "my fix" along with the above code in the same acarsmap.php file to get the phasedetail to display, so you might want to keep those there.
  2. UPDATE: I Believe I've figured it out. For anyone looking for guidance like me this is what i've come up with <?php if ($flight->phasedetail == "Preflight") { echo '<span class="label label-success">Boarding</span>'; } elseif ($flight->phasedetail == "Pushing Back") { echo '<span class="label label-warning">Pushing Back</span>'; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "Taxiing to Runway"){ echo '<span class="label label-warning">Taxiing to Runway</span>'; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "Taking Off"){ echo '<span class="label label-warning">Taking Off</span>'; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "Climbing"){ echo '<span class="label label-warning">Climbing</span>'; }elseif ($flight->phasedetail == "Cruising") { echo '<span class="label label-warning">Cruising</span>'; } elseif ($flight->phasedetail == "Descending") { echo '<span class="label label-warning">Descending</span>'; } elseif ($flight->phasedetail == "Approaching") { echo '<span class="label label-danger">On Approach</span>'; } elseif ($flight->phasedetail == "Final Approach") { echo '<span class="label label-warning">On Final</span>'; } elseif($flight->phasedetail == "Landing"){ echo '<span class="label label-warning">Landing</span>'; } elseif ($flight->phasedetail == "Taxiing to Gate") { echo '<span class="label label-danger">Cleared into Gate</span>'; } elseif ($flight->phasedetail == "Arrived") { echo '<span class="label label-danger">Parked at Gate</span>'; } ?> </td>
  3. Would you mind piecing together for me a working code? I'm trying to display this on my front page map to no success, don't know what the else if isnt working or how to even get it to recognise these. I did see this you posted but that doesn't seem to work when i take out the images and used words. I'd be most greatful ! Above instructions along with this is my reference but i'm stuck lol
  4. Update: I'm going to try adding an else if like so: if ($settings->sendmail_to_pilot == '1' && $pirepdetailsafter->accepted =='2') { $sub = "Your PIREP {$pirepdetails->pirepid}({$pirepdetails->depicao} - {$pirepdetails->arricao}) has been rejected "; $message="Your flight from {$pirepdetails->depicao} to {$pirepdetails->arricao} has been rejected PIREP {$pirepdetails->pirepid}\n\n" ."If you wish to see the reason please visit the company Website \n"; $email = $userinfo->email; Util::SendEmail($email, $sub, $message); } //If sendmail_too_pilot=1 send email to pilot that the pirep has been accepted elseif ($settings->sendmail_to_pilot == '1' && $pirepdetailsafter->accepted =='1') { $sub = "Your PIREP has been approved!"; $message="Hey Nice! Your flight from <b> {$pirepdetails->depicao} </b> to <b> {$pirepdetails->arricao} </b> has been approved PIREP {$pirepdetails->pirepid}\n\n"; $email = $userinfo->email; Util::SendEmail($email, $sub, $message); It should work. But knowing how coding works, it may not I'm going to test it
  5. Nothing looks wrong from what i can see. Try a hard refresh Ctrl+f5 if nothing still shows up you need to go to the acars map template file and make sure your url links in those files are reflecting your new url maybe it's still using the old url link.
  6. Hello everyone! If you are having an issue with Fltbook bids not showing up on your "my bids" page with the StislaSkin when bidding on a flight through smartCARS. I've finally figured it out to fix the issue!!! Enough talk! Go to: /lib/skins/StislaSkin/schedule_bids.php go to line 31 and change: $bids = FltbookData::getBidsForPilot(Auth::$userinfo->pilotid); to $bids = SchedulesData::getBids(Auth::$userinfo->pilotid); There! PROBLEM SOLVED! After nagging and looking in the forums for months! And getting no response or help from anybody about it I was fiddling with the codes and found out that FltbookData was the reason that was happening, and I was looking for a default Bid code that would still display my bids. I don't know if what i said made sense but I'm not a coder and i didn't go to college or uni to study computer science i just learned the language from the help of this forum community. Hopefully somebody that was having this issue will now have it solved just like i did. P.S. If that code isnt on line 31 for you just ctrl+F and search for FltbookData, and you know the rest... Be Blessed all!!
  7. Somebody knows how, but we are all getting ignored If anyone has any idea please share with us. I can't figure it out...
  8. We're you able to figure it out? I'm having the exact same issue. It's definitely the Fltbook System like you said. I'm actively trying to fix this issue
  9. When you find the fix please let me know. Forums seem way less active and dead in this new decade. Or maybe folks just got tired of helping us dummies
  10. Does anyone know why when i book a flight through smartCARS its saying on my website "no bids are added" but if i bid on a flight from the website it shows up in smartCARS?
  11. Hi Guys, So I did a lot of research and found this. To which it didn't really help but it sorta did. I use the auto accept PIREP Module, and I learned/noticed whenever a PIREP is rejected an email is sent out, this is the code I found in the PIREPACData Class file //If sendmail_to_pilot=1 send email to pilot that the pirep has been rejected if ($settings->sendmail_to_pilot == '1' && $pirepdetailsafter->accepted =='2') { $sub = "Your PIREP {$pirepdetails->pirepid}({$pirepdetails->depicao} - {$pirepdetails->arricao}) has been rejected "; $message="Your PIREP {$pirepdetails->pirepid}({$pirepdetails->depicao} - {$pirepdetails->arricao}) has been rejected\n\n" ."If you wish to see the reason please visit the company Website \n"; $email = $userinfo->email; Util::SendEmail($email, $sub, $message); } this starts at around line 301, So what I did to try and create my own accepted pirep email was take this same code and tweak it abit according to the notes that are commented out in the code, and it looks like this: //If sendmail_to_pilot=1 send email to pilot that the pirep has been accepted if ($settings->sendmail_to_pilot == '1' && $pirepdetailsafter->accepted =='1') { $sub = "Your PIREP has been approved!"; $message="Nice! Your PIREP {$pirepdetails->pirepid}({$pirepdetails->depicao} - {$pirepdetails->arricao}) has been approved\n\n"; $email = $userinfo->email; Util::SendEmail($email, $sub, $message); } } } else { } } } at the end of that last bracket the data class file has ended. Could someone point out to me why this very code works, but is sending out 4 of the same email? I noticed in this forum the Original Poster, ran into the same issue while getting help with the code seen here at the very top he explains why it sends 4 of the same "your PIREP has been accepted" email which is great, but clearly his coding is a bit different from mine so follow his instructions or i should say taking his codes to fix my issue wont work, right? I'm going to try inserting this: echo Util::SendEmail($email, $sub, $message); echo 'Accepted'; } elseif($pirep->accepted == PIREP_REJECTED) { echo 'Rejected'; } elseif($pirep->accepted == PIREP_PENDING) { echo 'Approval Pending'; } and see if it works, But I'm not so sure it will, would anyone care to help me out here seems i am at a brick wall.
  12. Hi Chad, I'm looking for skin templates to purchase. What specifically, hard to say I just want to see what designs are available for purchase and use. if it's at all possible.
  13. anyone found a fix for his issue?
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