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A pilot started a flight with an airplane with registration XXX from point A to another Point B and started the flight at 1pm. Later another pilot took the same plane that was at point A towards point C at 4pm. Now the second pilot arrived at point C at 7:34 pm and the first pilot arrived at 7:39 pm. Reviewing the PIREP I see that finally the plane was at point B which was where the last report was made and then each pilot was the first at point B and the second at Point C. My question is if there is any way to avoid that when a flight starts on an airplane it is not possible to carry out another flight on the same plane and prevent the above from happening?


Thanks for your advice.


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This is something not developed yet, unless you build your own module and interact with aircraft state directly, all members of your fleet will always be available for flight regardless of their current situation.And as you pointed out, aircraft location will be updated according to the last valid pirep recieved.


Also a similar thing happens when a diversion occurs, which is harmless but knowing it may prevent surprises. Flight from a to b , diverts to airport c , both pilot and aircraft will be placed at airport b (but there will be pirep field entry about the diversion destination)


Hope both gets developed soon.

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