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Why are csv files not the same as the data that is held or input on the screen


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PHPVMS V7 has a nice import feature from csv files but it seems there are considerable differences between the csv files and what you would input on the screen.  Does anybody know the reason for this such as the Subfleet table has these fields in the csv but you do not input them all on the screen

those marked with   xxxx are input on the screen



The others are not input when adding a new Subfleet   two inputs   MAIN HUB and SIMBRIEF TYPE are available for input but do not show on the csv  so that's 6 fields that are not accounted for on the CSV that gets exported or imported and when you look at the 'input/maintain fields on the record 

2 airline_id.  

3 hub_id     

4 type.         

5 simbrief_type

6 name

7 cost_block_hour

8 cost_delay_minute

9 fuel_type

10 ground_handling_multiplier

11 cargo_capacity

12 fuel_capacity

13 gross_weight

There is not even a field for Fares in the database record.

Similar errors and omissions are seen on other tables , it seems that either some of these fields are redundant because of the mew structure of PHPVMS 7 and have been initially copied over from PHPVMS 5 . However as PHPVMS is in a BETA state at present there is opportunity to get these csv file layouts sorted out and prune any redundant fields from these tables if they have been moved elsewhere.  Any thoughts on this can it somebody log it as a 'BUG' to be fixed


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As I wrote at GitHub,


Missing fields ;

  • hub_id
  • simbrief_type 

Non-Used Extra Fields (which also can be removed from the database, but it is another matter)

  • cargo_capacity
  • fuel_capacity
  • gross_weight

Fares and their relations to subfleets (and flights) is a different subject, I think you will see (code wise) how they work soon :) And I hope your first PR will fix the csv export/import logic of subfleets (at least partially)

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