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Sorry if this is the wrong category to ask this, or if it's been answered already, but I couldn't find the answer when searching the forums. I guess recently VATSIM updated their prefile api and when using the VATSIM Prefile button on my VA's site within the generated SimBrief, it no longer populates the remarks field on the VATSIM prefile site. Here's the code we were using before for the prefile button on the simbrief page. 


        $info->vatsim_prefile = str_replace('<input type="hidden" name="11" value="RMK/POWERED BY SIMBRIEF">', '<input type="hidden" name="11" value="RMK/POWERED BY SIMBRIEF/VISIT US AT FLYUVA.ORG">', $info->vatsim_prefile);
        echo (string) $info->vatsim_prefile;


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance if you have the answer or can point me in the right direction. 



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