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Typical or Normal Database Size?

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Hi all,


I try to do my first database backup today, before this rely on hosting automatic backup, but maybe unreliable and take long time when ask them to restore.

However phpmyadmin backup function failed, and support advise to use SSH. The final sql file is over 14GB and nearly took down server.

Reason give is cpanel resources exhausted. Is this normal size or every time I do back up the site is is error 503 for almost everyone? :o

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It all depends on how your settings are done, how often you do database cleanup (how many months back you keep records of old/non relevant data), how much data (flights/pireps) you have etc. etc.


So there will be no "typical" or "normal" database size which will fit everyone or every install.


For example, my live site's database is around 150 mb, I do not keep non relevant data more than 3 months old (like simbrief packs, acars position reports), performing weekly database cleanup and optimization too. So my database backups and export/import operations do not cause any timeouts or errors.


But this may not be your case or this can not be called as normal/typical size.

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