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32 bit ACARS support


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On 5/19/2022 at 7:51 PM, Panafva said:



Can someone advise is there is a 32 bit version of the phpVMS V7 ACARS? A small handful of our pilots have 32 bit systems and can’t run the application. 




They can't... Because vmsAcars only supports x64 operating systems (64bit), and there is no x86 support (32bit).


In this context, earliest supported operating system is Windows XP x64 (really tricky and may fail mostly), next one is Windows 7 x64 (runs better compared to XP).


Both of these are limited up to a certain version though, so even if your pilots do upgrade their systems they will need some specific vmsAcars versions and may miss some features.


Best practice is to move on, upgrade equipment and software to follow standards.


Second options for those pilots is to send Manual Pireps.


Safe flights

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