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PHPVMS7 Dashboard Metar Error at TNCM


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No problem at any US (including Puerto Rico) or Canada airports, but when I ended a flight at TNCM (Princess Juliana) is got a dashboard metar error (dashboard nothing but errors). I believe it was about weather metar variances. US is A#### ex: A2992. At the time at TNCM is was Q1012. When flew back to Puerto Rico, dashboard was perfect again. I looked at all the error possibilities in all my files while at TNCM but they all were matching the error corrections. I don't have the version of the error to print right now but can try it again. Anyone else have this issue?





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You need to provide more details, specially if this is METAR/TAF related.


phpVMS version (full version from admin panel) ?

php version (full version like 8.1.14) ?

Airport you are having error (ICAO code like TNCM is enough) ?

Time you are having error (time and date like 02 SEP 22, 1030 UTC) ?

METAR of that airport (from other sources like NOAA/ADDS) ?

TAF of that airport (from other sources like NOAA/ADDS) ?

Versions of your addons if you are using anything (like a theme) ?


According to your logic, we all should be having problems with QNH 'cause in Europe no one publishes Altimeters like you have in US (and nearby regions). So it can not be related to Q or A in the metar text. phpVMS is capable of handling both of them and convert etc.


Best wishes

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