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Light version of phpVMS


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hello everyone, I just met this system and tried to install it on my site. I use Altervista. I would like to use your system but only using the manual Pirep sending function, because my idea is to create a virtual airline for pilots who use xbox.
phpVMS 7 beta 3 seemed to work but I couldn't open the manual Pirep submission page, but i don't know why! therefore, is it possible that you make a "light" version without the ACARS application? thanks for all.

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10 hours ago, kekko89sr said:

"light" version similar to phpVMS demo


Demo = Latest development edition




vmsAcars (or any Acars) is not mandatory for v7, you can install latest dev build (if your hosting is compatible) and use it with manual pireps only... Of course there will be some features or addons designed for Acars support not functioning, but that will not hurt you at all.


Good luck

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Proof for demo version ;)
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Thanks for the reply. I installed the dev version as you recommended, but this is the result:


Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/membri/wrightairlines/bootstrap/../vendor/autoload.php' (include_path='.:') in /membri/wrightairlines/bootstrap/autoload.php on line 17


I can't figure out where I'm wrong.

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Follow the docs, it should take maximum 5 minutes to install... 


Download latest dev

Upload to your host (proper folder or subdomain according to docs)

Create your database (check docs)

Unpack the file you uploaded

Visit your site


Max 5 mins, double it to 10 if you are trying to do it slowly and while reading.


Good luck

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