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Pilot's pay for charter flights


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Good morning, i want to thank ProAvia and DisposableHero for their continued support in the forum because thanks to you and a lot of my patience (I'm not very practical) I managed to install phpvms 7. everything works great! I only have one question to ask at the moment: I've set up a series of ranks by also including the pilot's pay. However, I would like the pilot to receive his pay only when he flies (passenger scheduled) with the company. They will be free to fly any other route (charter) but without receiving pay. how can I do?

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[SOLVED] opted solution: when I create a charter flight, in the "Pilot Pay" I insert a pay that I have chosen at 70% of the first pilot rank. This overrides the pay entered in the ranks. This should entice the pilot to take the company's scheduled flights rather than charters.

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When I replied you on Discord, I was referring to v7's fare/finance system :)


Glad you found it and applied.


Also if you are managing personal flights (aka charters / personal flights / free flights) with a module of your own you can also define (or auto calculate) a "flight based fixed pilot payment" too... This is one step forward of what you have found ;) Can give ideas if somebody reads this later on for the same question.


Safe flights

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I know this is a very old thread but it's on a similar subject so thought i'd ask the question here to try and keep things in one place.


Is there a way to use a negative pay, so a pilot is charged rather than receiving for conducting certain flights? What we're looking to introduce is a flight school of sorts so pilots are paying for "assessments" on each subject passed. I've tried putting in a "-" in the pilot pay but all that does is create a zero pay return.

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