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Flight Page Order


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Is there any way to change the order that the flight cards appear on the flights page. By default it orders them by the flight number but I'd like to change that so it orders them by the departure time.


I'm assuming it's part of the code in the "table.blade.php" file. I did try to amend:


 <a class="text-c" href="{{ route('frontend.flights.show', [$flight->id]) }}">




 <a class="text-c" href="{{ route('frontend.flights.show', [$flight->dep_time]) }}">


but that doesn't appear to work.



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Anything other than the ones above can NOT be done without core changes.


So your answer is again negative, you can not change only a blade file and expect a change/search/filter like that.


Technically it can be done, considering that all your flights do have scheduled departure times (STD) defined, then a new search option like "departing in next ... hours" can be built or something with a dropdown (fixed selections) can be implemented. But both will need core v7 changes and matching blade updates.


If you have new ideas or requests for new features, you can use GitHub > Issues > New Issue > Feature Request path to fill in some details. Forum posts and questions in topics may be missed easily by the developer.


Safe flights

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