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Praise due to excellent work to get PHPVMS V7 useable


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Following a successful build and launch of my new PHPVMS V7 Virtual Airline Virtualairhygge.   (http://virtualairhygge.com) I would personally like to thank Nabeel for creating the software in the first place and to all those who have been busy sorting out the bugs and adding value to the base package.


One name however stands out from all the extra bits and pieces and we all know him as the 'DISPOSABLE HERO' .  I have his theme and the basic and advanced modules and if you think that what you get in the advanced module is not worth the 50 Euros donation then you are completely wrong.


Firstly he is not making the money for himself it is for helping others and secondly you do get many add on features that perhaps you we're thinking of using but did not know they existed.  Also you get a tours module as part of that 50 euros package as well.  We all know the price of some of the old PHPVMS V5 modules and often the lack of support for these, however this guy is often on discord and is always open to give sensible advice and help on his modules and themes.  He has many years experience in the airline industry in the support side of things and has built these modules to include the factors about a flight that pilots do not actually see.  The addition of such things as catering and duty free sales only add further to the realism that PHPVMS V7 tries to bring to this hobby.


The acars that Nabeel has built which again comes at a cost is very detailed and works very well in con-junction with PHPVMS V7 and is definitely a front rennin up against Smartcars that will be out shortly that works with PHPVMS V7.  The details that you can add and control within the Phpvms Module means that it has the ability to be tailored to you r needs rather than some acars programs that you have alter what you do to fit in with it.


I think that many people have jumped into other Virtual Airline packages instead of looking deeper into using PHPVMS V7 as it has a great opportunity to rival and better all these other products.  The ability to create and integrate modules yourself and share them with others like what 'Disposable Hero' has done is a catalyst to make the package even better as what happened with Version 5 until the likes of Crazy Creatives and Mods.eu decided that they were going to make money from these types of modules.


Really I thought that it would be hard to create a virtual airline from scratch but I managed to do it in just over a week.  The beauty is that if you understand how the uploading of csv files works in Version 7 then most of the tedious and time consuming work inputting data can be taken away by just creating a csv file and uploading it.


Because I was a software developer for 40 years the task of creating the csv files was simple to do using just some text files , mysql and php.


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