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API Creation

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Hi everyone


Despite of reading all docs and converstaions related with the subject and even reading it well I do not understand how to put it running, like how to create API's and do not even know where to put those green lines mentioned on the readme files.


If anyone willing to help will appreciate even if I have to pay for it.


thank you

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Those lines are examples, but in theory they go in some files placed on your landing page/site.


If it is a wordpress site then you can have some easy (gui) tools to place them.


On any solution you need to write the codes to show/display the results returned via api endpoints on your desired pages.


You can check https://turksim.net or https://thyva.com for custom (hand made templates), https://sunexpressvirtual.com for a wordpress placement of api returned results.


Even if I send you files from Turksim, they will not fit in your landing site's design, this is why custom design is needed.


Hope this helps a little bit, good luck.

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