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Posting Data to Multiple Modules in only one Form

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I have been asked by my CEO to create a function that allows the user to register to 3 different sites using ONLY one form.

Is it possible to change the code of the default register_mainform.tpl (I re-written all the code from register.php and made it much simpler and also made a new registration form exactly the same as the register_mainform.tpl) to make it so that it posts the data contained in the form to many sites at once.

Therefore you get the same data on all three sites without having to fill out 3 registration forms.

Thanks in advance,


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I don't think it would be too easy to do via the templates, however if you look in core/Modules/Registraion, you could add the process to add the information collected elsewhere in:

protected function ProcessRegistration()

(I expect) :)

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When you say other sites, do you mean a VA, a forum, and a gallery or such all on the same server or three sites hosted on different servers?

Would not be too hard to do if all are in the same place using the same database, you could use the process registration hook to call your functions for the data to be inserted into the local database.

You could do about the same thing for off site db inserts but would have to connect to each individually and then close the connection and move to the next etc....

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