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Virtual Airline Website Design Service

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Flightguy123    19


Designer XPO has finally opened as a low cost HTML and CSS website creation website. We are the lowest costing website creators out in the Virtual Airline world today. We have over 5 dedicated staff members that will take your orders and needs, and put them on to the internet in the form of your Virtual Airlines website. Currently we are having a Summer Sale where all pricing is deducted $10 or 5% (which ever is greater) so everyone can come out with better deals. Custom modules are also available for special quotes depending on the modules needed.

We help virtual airlines buy

  1. Creating full templates
  2. Creating custom modules for PHPvms
  3. Webmaster Services (only $20 a year)

Check out the Designer XPO website today at www.DesignerXPO.com.

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Flightguy123    19

Are you still doing websites? I tried to email you thru your site but it gave me an error.

Hi, I have just returned from a 2 week vacation, the mail server is back up, it was down due to me being away. Please use the Contact Us section for a website quote, we will be able to give you a lower quote for your troubles.



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Flightguy123    19


Web Designing for Less!

Our Summer sales begin on August 10th, we reduce 10% off all initial template design costs! Our designers are standing by, after you contact us, one of our staff members will get in touch with you very shortly after the quoting process is completed, but hurry in, already 2 slots have been filled out of 5!

Our Clients in the past have said many great things about our services :

"I have a very good feeling that you will accomplish all that is outlined in the project"

- Has not given permissions to reveal first name or VA name

"I am extremely satisfied to discover a developer with such great skills and a totally different and positive attitude"

- Jetlantic Virtual

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simpilot    2128

Sorry to hear of your external challenges, I hope the future gets brighter as it looks as though you have a well run virtual airline.

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