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New policy for addons


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We have quite a few addons, which is great, but the problem starts happening with keeping the latest versions, and sometimes people have stuff uploaded to different places, and then hosts go down or change, and some of the stuff is lost.

I would like addons to be uploaded to Github or Bitbucket (whichever you prefer, though Github is better for reasons you'll see), as a public repository.

It's not too much extra effort, but it ensures that

1. your code is available

2. people want to improve your code, it's easy to do so. It's free.

3. every knows what the latest version is

This is the important part:

I have also created an organization at Github called "phpVMS" (https://github.com/phpVMS), to where I can fork and add your code in - this way everything is organized in one place, available and accessible for everyone.

I believe it's a great way to get more participation, and also to use the tools that are currently available.

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Nabeel, I'm going to make those changes for my add-on modules. Cheers! I was running out of my quota and I had no idea how will I have the modules in one place at the same time.

Will be moving over to Github tonight.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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