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Euroscot Virtual - Scotland's preferred virtual airline will take to the skies once again! It is after careful consideration by the management that the decision was made to bring Euroscot back to the virtual skies. "This time round much more scrutiny will be exercised when it comes to flight operations", says Graeme Davis - Joint Managing Director.

The website has been modified significantly since the previous existence. Now pilots can benefit from much more realistic features such as; accurate flight schedules/briefings, resources such as airport and stand allocation charts, leave and hub transfer requests, custom PIREP submission system and much more.

Euroscot Virtual welcomes all previous pilots to return, experience the change and continue their career. Prospective pilots can expect to join and be overwhelmed by what is now on offer.

So why not join us? We are back - and better than ever before!


Staff Vacancies:

Note: Previous experience in any staff role within a virtual airline is beneficial although not necessary.

  1. Management Team - Assistant Managing Director
  2. Airline Operations Department - Flight Operations Manager & HR Manager.

To apply for any of these vacancies, email - jobs@euroscotva.co.uk with some information about yourself and make reference to the position which you are applying for.

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