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  1. To this day ...this still works...thank you so much!!!
  2. For future references this seemed to have worked for me. I dont know why the key google was giving was just not working. Thanks Servetas
  3. Your website takes us now to GoogleUK. Personally it looks like you will be only focusing on UK VAs which would kind of limit you to the possible and potential VAs wanting to join your alliance. Your branding itself tells me all this and that is how i came to that conclusion. I could be wrong and that might not be what you guys are going for but thats what i get from your website address. I did put some thought into maybe presenting my project to you and maybe somewhere down the near future join the alliance but my project and where its based from will not be a fit. This could be something to
  4. your airlines web address would be very much appreciated!!
  5. web541, Worked like a charm. Thank you again...i really appreciate it!!
  6. Now i did try adding an ELSE section to the code so when a pilot doesnt have any flights (ex. new pilot) it will display something saying that there is no flights but i keep getting a syntax error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'else' (T_ELSE) Does the code not allow an else to it? <?php $pirep = PIREPData::getRecentReportsByCount(1); foreach($pirep as $p) { echo ' '.$p->depicao.' <img src="/lib/skins/vdelta3/img/airplaneicon.png" alt=""> '.$p->arricao.' FLIGHT: '.$p->code . $p->flightnum.' AIRCRAFT: '.$p->aircraft.' SUBMITTED: '.date(DATE_FORMAT, $p->
  7. Hey web541, Thanks a bunch for responding. I did end up changing the submit date with the first edit you suggested and that did correct the issue regarding the submitdate. Now for the life of me i couldnt get the aircraft name to appear and though you did post what you use on your site i didnt want to use it with out giving it a few tries with other codes and such...but that was to no avail. I did, on a side note, used your "spoiler" code and that did the trick and want to thank you for showing your code. I did tweak it alittle just to not have too many echos and but either one works just f
  8. Im trying to display the latest flight details of a pilots last flown flight. Using this code <?php echo $report->depicao; ?> <img src="/airplaneicon.png" alt=""> <?php echo $report->arricao; ?> FLIGHT: <?php echo $report->code . $report->flightnum; ?> AIRCRAFT: <?php echo $report->aircraft; ?> DATE SUBMITTED: <?php echo date(DATE_FORMAT, $report->submitdate); ?> but what i get is this The airport ICAOs are correct and so is the flight number but the aircraft and date are either not what i want it to show or wrong. The aircraft
  9. Looked too good to be true!!! Website is down!!
  10. So am i missing something here...you have two VAs...SAS and Monarch?
  11. looking at their website it looks like they are still under development...i would say they will open late 2016 instead of late 2015 http://www.virtualexs.com/
  12. Ariel


    AHH...that fixed it...thank you very VERY much!!
  13. Ariel


    that doesnt do anything i still get this error when accessing /index.php/SimpleNews/item/1 Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home3/vdelta/public_html/beta/core/modules/SimpleNews/SimpleNews.php on line 39 i get this error when accessing /index.php/SimpleNews Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home3/vdelta/public_html/beta/core/modules/SimpleNews/SimpleNews.php on line 17
  14. Ariel


    I'd really appreciate that. What mod do you use for news?
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