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  1. Toyuko

    Installation issue

    This is phpvms 7
  2. Hey I updated my php version to 7.1 and uploaded the files to my shared host and i got this error... Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'class' (T_CLASS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or '{' or '$' in /home/thailicenseservi/public_html/JALVNG/index.php on line 16 Anyone know why? http://thailicenseservice.com/JALVNG/ is the link to the test site Thanks
  3. Press Release: Japan Airlines Virtual turns 10! 4/1/2017 Watch our new vid On this day 10 years ago in 2007 a new Virtual Airline was born and its name was Japan Airlines Virtual. JAL Virtual was started by an avid 13-year-old aviation enthusiast, we started on a free host under the domain jalvirtual.x10hosting.com, our website was very basic and we had no PIREP system whatsoever, we were using a web form to submit ours pireps. A small VA starting in an area with many established and well respected airlines at the time, at the start it was rough, inexperience and lack of skills plagued us for the first 6 months, however after that we steadied ourselves and became a more professional organization with the registering of our domain name jalvirtual.org/jalvirtual.com. After two years, it was time for the first big upgrade of JAL Virtual. We were one of the first adapters of the then new and revolutionary PHPVMS pireps system, a system that we use to this very day. For our airline, this system is our backbone and a key pillar to our success, due to the nature of this software we were greatly able to offer many different features and expand our scope of activities. During this period, we experimented with many different things such as training programs, greater cooperation with online flight simulator network’s and virtual airline alliances. Some of them were great successes and some of them failed but from experimenting and trying, we learned a lot. A great influx of new pilots joined our ranks, an amazing sense of community was established between our members, teamspeak voice chats/flights were very common, new friends were made and connections established. By this time, we were experiencing double digit flights per day and over 1,000 flights a month. Also, updated our image and brought back the circle crane logo, just like our real-life counterpart. Now to the present, we have made it to 10 years, today, we are now 10 years old, its breath taking to see our amazing story unfold and evolve over that span of time, it brings great joy, pride and strength to every member of JAL Virtual. Everything, that we have done with our members, other VA’s, online networks and the flight simulator community in general, matters. Everything that we have built up as an organization over the last 10 years has now blossomed like a Sakura tree. It’s all worth it in the end. Fly into tomorrow virtually! – We can look back into our past, look upon proudly. Our future, is more important, we are at a milestone year, and milestone years deserve, special attention. Our third evolution is coming over the next few months, that is an entirely new system, new website. Also throughout the coming months we will be having 10 events for our members and the community. Please see the previous post for that. We are now 10 years old, what will the next 10 years bring JAL Virtual? We can only watch and see. But for now, we celebrate this milestone and look into the future. For the Love of Aviation. Touy Smith Founder and CEO of Japan Airlines Virtual. http://Jalvirtual.com admin@jalvirtual.com
  4. Japan Airlines Virtual is celebrating its 10th anniversary of operations from April 1st 2017 onwards. We would like to share this milestone achievement of our virtual airline with our pilots and the wider flight simulation community. Feel Free to join JAL VIRTUAL events. Voice communication will be conducted via our discord server: https://discord.gg/YgATVRt Throughout the course of the next few months we will be having 10 different events under the banner “10 YEARS EVENT #X”. We are open and interested in having a wide variety of events, if you are interested in in collaborating with us in an event, or want to invite JAL VIRTUAL to your event, please send us an email to admin@jalvirtual.com 10 YEARS EVENT #1 Tokyo RJTT to Okinawa(Naha) ROAH Sign up(guests allowed): http://jalvirtual.com/en/index.php/ccevents/event/41 FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1898177963739564/ 10 YEARS EVENT #2 Tokyo, Japan RJAA to Honolulu, USA PHNL Sign up(guests allowed): http://jalvirtual.com/en/index.php/ccevents/event/42 FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1653384811637154/
  5. Toyuko

    Schedules to PFPX

    Would there be a way to import schedules of PHPVMS into pfpx?
  6. Is there any recommended way and possible to upgrade from phpvms version .936? that keeps atleast all the datasbase data intact? Me and Chase attempted it again but we got another SQL error.
  7. Toyuko

    Forum Module

    JALV is certainly interested in this development. Keep us posted!
  8. Hey I got this error... http://prntscr.com/443h8a I followed your instructions as well Thanks
  9. JAL VIRTUAL launches new website. JAL VIRTUAL is pleased to announced after 6 months of development, we have completed our new website designed by us, designed for you the pilot. This will be the most radical development in the history of JAL VIRTUAL! Our website uses the latest website technologies with elegant design and style with a unified theme to it. We are bringing the best to you for many years to come. We hope you appreciate the time, effort and investment we have brought to you in JALV2014. A beta period of one month will begin right after the launch of the new site to kink out the bugs that will last until August 10th, 2014. We hope this new website serves us for many years to come. In addition to our website we have many news things included in our changes most notably a dedicated training academy, rewards and schedules overhaul. Our integrated training academy on launch will feature aircraft certifications for B747, B737, B767 and A320 aircrafts and in the future we hope to bring Q400, B777 and various airbus aircrafts into the fold, we plan on gaining VATSIM ATO status asap and there will be other areas of training that will be covered in the future too. Our rewards store (JAL VIRTUAL MILAGE BANK-JALVMB) has been completed every time you fly, login, do a tour or an event you gain JALVMB points! JALVMB can be used for various items including: Pilot Upgrades, Special Liveries, Route packs and even sceneries! Also we have completed a massive schedules overhaul updating our schedules for JAL GROUP, SKYMARK (yes we have the A330) and Oneworld codeshares are schedule database now is over 5000 routes! We have a staff vacancy open-we are looking for an events director! We are currently recruiting for an Events Director. The Events Director will handle all events within the VA, contacting VATSIM Regions/Divisions to help secure ATC coverage throughout the course of the event Requirements for Events Director: - Knowledge of the phpVMS Admin System - Is widely available/flexible with times - Ensure that all member suggestions are adhered to - Communicate with other staff members - Can access the TeamSpeak3 with a Microphone - Fluent in written & spoken English/Japanese All applications should be submitted here: https://docs.google....m?usp=send_form We look forward to reviewing your applications. Thank you. Japan Airlines Virtual has for over five years provided an experience for virtual aviators unlike any other. With progressive ideas and raising the bar each and every time, our standards and quality are among the top notch of any virtual airline today. We offer a truly unique experience in virtual aviation and we stand out from the established crowd. Japan Airlines Virtual is standards, quality, choice, and always assisting its pilots for the best virtual flight experience. From Tokyo, Osaka, from Japan to Asia and the world we hope to be your virtual airline of choice. Our mission as the ‘virtual’ flag carrier of Japan is to be a virtual airline of standards and quality. Representing JAL-Japan Airlines in the Virtual Space as JAL- VIRTUAL-Japan Airlines Virtual. We want to recreate almost every aspect possible of the JAL GROUP for Flight Simulator. We strive to be the virtual airline that represents Japan to the world! Dream Skyward! Fully integrated website and PIREP system; Highly customized Phpvms (JAL Virtual was one of the first users of Phpvms) Flight tracking software: J-ACARS flight recording system developed for Japan Airlines Virtual. Also we have kACARS, FSACARS, FS-Pax, XACARS, support. Unique online flight tracking supporting VATSIM, and IVAO. Up to date and real JAL GROUP, Jetstar Japan and Skymark schedules. Codeshare schedules from Oneworld and JAL partner airlines Bilingual VA – Japanese and English Top notch support to our members. http://jalvirtual.org
  10. Hello i am attempting to get your Flight Search module up onto my pilot center using this code: <?php Template::Show('airport_search.tpl'); ?> However all i get is this when it comes up: Is there a fix for this issue? All the field are of 'all' when there is suppose to be data there. Thanks
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