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1.How do you move nav tags in menu bar closer together to get them on one line. when you log in the other page go to next line and block things on the pages.

2. how can you move the items on the page down if i can not change nav tabs.

3. where is the pilot_public_profile.tpl at or what tpl do i use to put code in for awards to show up on pilots page, i have made the awards but shows up written i would like to show pics also.

4. how do you puy solved on prior postings.

thanks Mac www.maexpressva.com

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1. You need to alter the CSS and reduce the width of each item. It should be the <li> corresponding style.

3. In core/templates, but before you edit it, move it to your skin folder :)

4. Edit the first post in full editor and on the top there is an option to edit the topic tittle.

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