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  1. nabpp


    your register system is not working correctly i entered my email and it said its invalid. you may want to double check that and just because you may be a good painter and have the the most downloaded skin for phpvms doesn't mean you are going to get any more respect than someone who does not make addons. and on the other-hand good job on that accomplishment but you don't need to use it as if it is a status symbol. if you really have an issue with people who are PAYING YOU for a service calling you bro dude and bra than you really need pull that stick out from your a** and smell the coffee
  2. hey man if u want a va to join let me know i have an open admin spot
  3. i really hate to spam the forums with this but its been more than a week since i have asked this question would you please just check out what i posted.... http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/2599-eventbooking-beta-13/page__st__120
  4. how would i set my site up so it says welcome guest when ur not logged in but ur name when u are logged in?
  5. nabpp

    how to

    i believe you will have to edit your css file again i belive that may be in your css file core/templates i would make a backup before you edit it full editor and edit title or something like that
  6. yea that is what i am planing on doing. and im assuming a lot of changing words around
  7. wow you are a genius i wish everybody here was as smart as you
  8. sorry im a bit confused what is cakephp?
  9. aha thanks i will keep you posted
  10. is there a way i can integrate a dynamic calendar on the side of my website to show upcoming events
  11. magic what is the extracted CMS called? and vanitiy i have tried some other cms's and they where nice but phpvms is a easy to use CMS and has all the feature i need as well as some moduels will come in handy that i dont see offered with drupal wordpress or any other CMS platforms.
  12. can i use PHPVMS as a CMS platform for things other than flight sim?
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