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FlyZen:Project PHPVMS-Definitive


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Hello everyone,I am CEO/Founder of the Virtual Airline "FlyZen". We are currentlyusing the PHPVMS system and are loving the simplicity of it aswellas the usability and the customization as far is the system goes. But myself and others among my staff agree that it cold use a little cutomization per airline , so we are creating PHPVMS[DEFINITIVE], a completley new project built of of the PHPVMS system. it will still have relativley the same feel as the project and will only mod a few key aspects of the system such as--A message center allowing for Administration and members to communicate between eac other wiht ease-A very different aproach to FSACARS will be added, using completley cusotm tracking maps aswell as a more "Smart" system when it comes to logging hours wiht the darned FSACRS interface.-A very new approach to including a Flight booking system, DEFINITIVE will offer a more detailed description than the original. Offering PAX list aswell as a seating chart per aircraft that can be defined by the administration.-A live chat module devloped completley using PHP,AJAX and MySQL. No post and refresh...Just Post wait and bam your administration can have a conversation wihtout even having to log out of their interface.-Implements google charts in a different way displaying total airline statistics on bar graphs , line performance graphs aswell as flat numbers to top it all off.-and last but surley not least, a wonderful idea by a friend of mine will be to add just 3 simple chekc boxes to the booking page that will actually let the pilot enter his VATSIM,IVAO or other server ID and depending on the API available for us ( VATSIM has a lovley one) will actually track you flight online to an extent. providing basic feedback such as aircraft,callsign and dep. and arrival times when it comes time for you to PIREP... Lets keep em honest right?And please keep in mind that this is not ment to completley bash nabeels wondeful system, it is mainly just a look towards the customization FlyZen will be using to mkae the system truly theirs. mr.nabeel I would openly like to thank you for your lovley App. and Framework ( Yes I'm a CODON Fanboy icon_razz.gif) and let me also say that if you truly wish to spend $40.00 on VABASE or TOOlS consider the setup and lack of interaction as opposed ot te free,cusotmizable and easy to install PHPVMS.Also note that this is completley open source and code will be shared wiht legitamte airlines and of course mr.nabeel on request...I do have one rule in syaing that in order to order ( no pun intened) DEFINITIVE you must have at least established the VA's site and System before I even consider. PHPVMS is geared towards everyone but Definitve is a complete rethunk of how interactin is done...Thanks for reading,Jacob KrustchinskyThe DEV. ManPS. Excuse the mispells as it is late and I am sleep deprived over this darned Google Charts API 0_o

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Hey no problem - sounds good. I like the ideas.But it doesn't have to be a "branch off" project - what you're trying to do can be done through the add-on/module system (not sure if you were meaning to branch the entire project?), which would be great because it doesn't harm the main install, and you can use it part by part. Check out the docs (nsslive.net/codon as well). Basically you add in your local.config your own routing for the module to point to your own add-on. But as always, I'm here to help ya!

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