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Although this is listed as version 5, do not confuse this version with the Simpilot version. This is version 2.x reworked to work with PHP versions up to 7.0. For ReCaptcha version 2 to work, see the Support Forum post titled: Upgrading ReCaptcha to v2 in the forums on this site.

The Simpilot version is 5.5.2 - and is already ReCaptcha version 2 compliant. This version requires PHP 5.3 to PHP 5.6.x. It will not work with PHP 7.x.

With either version, you will need to get ReCaptcha keys from Google and insert them into local.config.php. The keys listed in app.config.php will NOT work.

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never did get the ReCaptcha 2.0 to work. Our VA registration has been down for over a year. I just redid the walk through all over again to get recaptcha working, and finally get the robot check to work. But when clicking on register button, gives me a 500 error. I'd love to get ANY version running, but I cannot find a clear cut path to do so.

Reg page for reference:


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