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  1. PHPVMSGEN is now available as a free service to provide data for import to PHPVMS. It will give you 5 csv files or a number of files per type depending on volume of content the following AIRPORT,FARES,SUBFLEET,AIRCRAFT and FLIGHTS. You simply compile your requirements in a configuration file and send this file to me and I will process it and send you the files back along with a generation report with installation notes. It should be noted that PHPVMGEN csv files are installed into PHPVMS without any additional software being required and as such they conform and act within the operation and core procedures of PHPVMS. if you are interested in a free service then all the details and examples are over at my GITHUB REPOSITORY the link to this is Details about the PHPVMSGEN service Please note that PHPVMSGEN is not in any shape or form part of PHPVMS or associated with the owners of PHPVMS other than this provision of creating suitable csv files for import to PHPVMS. PHPVMSGEN is a free service and there will be no cost[s] or hidden charges made to any Virtual Airline that uses the service
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