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    I'm very apprehensive about eventually moving from 5.5.2 to v7. Although after playing with the demo version I'm really enjoying the new features. I did have a concern however. At least in the current state, I don't see many cargo/freight specific options as most everything looks to more for a passenger airline. How would we set the fares for freighters? Would we have a single fare class for general freight to the max payload of the aircraft? I don't know if this would have any advantages, but I guess we could set multiple fare categories for main deck cargo and belly cargo for dedicated freighter aircraft. Any thoughts or guidance about cargo only VA's running phpvms v7?
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    I think its because on your schedule search form it says <form id="form" action="https://va.atlasgaming.group/index.php/schedules/view" method="post"> While it should be <form id="form" action="https://va.atlasgaming.group/action.php/schedules/view" method="post"> When using index it will render the whole template and action will ony render the results part In your php file it will probably look like action="<?php echo url('/schedules/view')" OR action="<?php echo SITE_URL."/schedules/view" ?>" If so it should be. action="<?php echo actionurl('/schedules/view')" But again I think Im saying this from memory since im at work
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    I proudly display "Powered by PHPVMS" and the "Simpilot Group" on my front page! I give both of these guys a lot of respect for helping the community like they have. Thanks to both of you!!!
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