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    phpvms_navdata 1711: UPDATED 12 October 2017 | 16:59 Hrs US Central Time | 21:59 Zulu See Original Post
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    Before: $all_hours = TopPilotData::top_pilot_hours($today[mon], $today[year], 5); add this: $today = getdate(); As @mischka stated, $today variable is not populated correctly.
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    What do you put in the variables $today[mon] and $today[year] ? You've got to make sure they contain the right values. You might test the script by just putting numbers in there like 10 and 2017 and see what it does. is this a freeware module?
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    You will use the code below and change the "4" to however many recent activities to show <?php // Show the activity feed MainController::Run('Activity', 'Frontpage', 4); ?>
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    hello am looking for someone who can upgrade my phpvms to latest stable version, i need also custom pilot center + design for the website and some more requests . my email ceo@saudiava.com
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    @tim260 can you share the download for this? Its great
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    hi, i have a question, how can i edit the button color? i don't find the file.
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    you may add the video in the frontpage_main file within the core templates folder where you like within the template file occardingly where you would like the video to show. use the call below within the php tags to pull the country image for the pilot echo '<img src="'.Countries::getCountryImage($pilot->location).'" alt="'.Countries::getCountryName($pilot->location).'" />';
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    phpVMS v3 has not officially been released yet and there hasn't been an update on the github repo. in over 4 months, so it's currently on hold. That version there is probably an unfinished version which is not meant to be run yet. If you are looking to install phpVMS at the current time, try this one https://github.com/DavidJClark/phpvms_5.5.x When phpVMS v3 gets released (or gets an official update), I have no idea, but I guess we wait.
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    Hello fellas! Hope the skies are blue and the winds are fair! Have not had much of an opportunity to get on lately and do any web work or flying for that matter. I hope to change that soon as soon as I get the college schedule worked out and in action. Being 44 and going to school kind of sucks lol Anyhow, hope all is well and I can not wait for phpVMS 3 to come out. I am looking forward to seeing some awesome VA websites when it does come out. Take fellas and keep the blue side up! Ray
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    I have the same "problem", i just uncomment the code and nothing change. I try change the code and for now is working for me, is that a problem for system with my change? I just replace/comment $reports = PIREPData::findPIREPS($search, 1); // return only one with $reports = PIREPData::getLastReports(Auth::$userinfo->pilotid, 1, PIREP_ACCEPTED); Thanks Helder Duarte
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    Hi all, phpVMS Hosting is now available - it's going to be through my other site, called 'fivedev': http://www.fivedev.net/hosting I've spent alot of time tuning this server, and I've set a cap on clients, then I will buy another, to keep it speedy for everyone who's on there. It's in Washington DC, with low pings to everyone. I've priced two plans: Standard - 15GB Space, 50GB Bandwidth $10/monthly, or $100/year £6.68/monthly, or £66.77/year €7.42/monthly, or €74.23/year [*]Mini - 8GB Space, 25GB Bandwidth $7/monthly, or $84/year £4.67/monthly, or £56.08/year €5.20/monthly, or €62.36/year While it might not be "unlimited" as some hosts have (which they're really not), you have to remember - they cram as many clients onto an underpowered server. This server is specifically tuned for PHP and MySQL applications, and to keep your site going as fast as possible, and I'll cap the number of clients depending on performance. In fact, it's a secondary API server, because it's just so damn fast There are more details in the link above, as well as the sign up link. I'm accepting Paypal and you can also pay by check! Spread the word! Cheers! Nabeel
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    It returns an Internal Server Error to me.
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