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    Hello! I'm after a web designer who'd be able to design our website for us. If you could please send me a message with your work and/or website as well as your pricing structure. That would be most appreciative. Thank you very much, qantaspilot
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    SALE SALE SALE!!! Hey Guys. iCrew Classic is on Sale. $60, with modules & all inclusive cost. PM or email at myself.aaryankapoor@gmail.com for Quote
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    Do you have composer installed? open your console and write cd C:/xampp/htdocs/sdi then run composer install This command will install all package dependencies that phpvms need to run, if still doesn't work, run composer dump-autoload PS: You can download composer here https://getcomposer.org/download/
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    Hello everyone, Well I come back to you looking for someone who can make me a site for phpvms v5.5. contact me in pv for people interested. the project is pretty urgent. thank you
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    Y'all do know this was posted a year ago lol? If you want web dev projects go to upwork.com
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    Evening All, I am proud to announce within the next few weeks the release of the Blizzard system from Start System 's will be released, the first airline to get the new CMS is vWest Atlantic. there CEO has been helping us through the transition to get the new system up and running in a matter of weeks. the final touches are being done
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    Hello, I have a offer for your u all! First of all a little about me, My dream is to be able to grow website design business, I'm trying to grow my portfolio meaning I'll be putting cheep prices for all services for the start, Services. :Custom Front Page Website :Custom Crew Page :Free hosting for 5 months :Free Teamspeak Hosting for 2 months As I have said to build up my portfolio I'm offering low cost priceing. My priceing is set at 10 pounds If your interested please send me a pm or email me at: atcpilot70@gmail.com Thanks-
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    Hi there Sir Please see your PMs
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    Hello, pm the details and I see what I can do?