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    Version 2.0.0


    Hello everyone, I'm happy to announce my new free skin for phpVMS. A skin made in ElixarCode. DEMO: https://elc.fsvas.co.uk/demo/elaskin/index.php (User: ELC0003 - PW: Demo123) IMPORANT: This skin was made for phpVMS 5.5x. This skin is designed using the Bootstrap framework, meaning it is fully responsive and works well on all sized devices, including desktops, tablets and phones. ElaSkin is not a complete website skin, it is only a pilot center application, designed to be installed into a phpVMS installation. Please note that this skin is still being developed, and I hope to update it and add new features over time. You should be able to just overwrite the existing files to update it. It may also have bugs and issues. If you find, feel free to post an issue report here. If you have any feature, plugin skiing or custom VA branding requests, feel free to post a reply below.
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    After receiving several requests by PM, I am releasing the addon I use to show the airports in the phpVMS database, with a separate page for each airport with various bits of data. First though I would like to attribute the work which I did not complete and is part of this addon. The Airport Table Page - This was originally created by Adamm, and I just removed some of the columns and added the link to the seperate webpage for the detailed airport info. The Last Arrival and Last Departure Fields - I asked for help on this forum, and Jeff (Lorathon) gave me the code to enable this feature. The Flight Counts - Simpilot posted some code to show the flight count. I expanded on this to show the arrival and departure flight counts. The Google Map - I reused and slightly modified (stripped out the ACARS functionality) the acars map from the default acarsmap.tpl here. The js for the map display - Problem resolved my Mark1Million I take absolutely no credit for the above mentioned aspects of the addon, and I would like to thank those mentioned for helping me create the addon released here. If you are going to thank anyone for this addon, thank those guys. I just put stuff together and added some more stuff. If you use this addon, I have placed attribution in the HTML commenting, please do leave it there. If it doesn't work on your site, I'm sorry but I can only provide limited support, as I'm still a learner when it comes to php. Please don't PM me asking for support. You would be much better posting here and there is every chance that someone more knowledgeable may be able to help. The addon can be seen working here: http://execair.org/index.php/airports The attached file has the same functionality but requires CSS styling to be applied. There are many tutorials available online, which discuss CSS styling at length, here are a few: http://w3schools.com/Css/default.asp http://www.csstutorial.net/ http://www.echoecho.com/css.htm To install the addon, unzip the folder, then copy the contents of the core folder over to the core folder on your website. Then to access the addon, you need to create a link to the new page in your navigation: <a href="<?php echo url('/airports'); ?>">Text for link here</a> EDIT: Attached File Amended to correct all Map Errors mentioned below. RE-EDIT: The attachment has been amended again to correct the errors. It should work 100% now. airportinfo_v3.zip
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