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    I need a bit more information and a website. however i got a vps i can host a free teamspeak as long as you want. i am very fammiliar with php and i got long time experience with websites so i can be a manager if you want let me know if you want some more information let me know
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    Look in local.config.php Config::Set('MONEY_UNIT', '$'); Above that line in local.config.php are some examples for other currencies.
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    Thanks, I just ran phpinfo and it shows 7.0. I'll fix that and try it again.
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    It is a issue with BS4. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Hi. Where do I change the date format from Y-m-d to d-m-Y. Setting in PHPVMS are set for this format but skin still show Y-m-d
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    Web541, found it. Just one little 'static' guy left out. I missed it a few times. Code blind Thanks so very much!
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    Inside core/common/AutoAssignData, find all of these public function change them to this public static function And that should work. If it doesn't, then it's being called elsewhere and you'll have to wait for a reply considering the module is payware.
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    Problem was the .htaccess file needed this line, under the "RewriteEngine On" line RewriteBase / I've fixed it in the next dev version, but posting it here FYI for anyone else looking
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    The phpVMS Admin Center (although it can be skinned), was not made to be. It is using very old (and deprecated) jQuery and AJAX functions which are not compatible with most new templates out there. I have had somewhat success making one in the past, but it takes a huge effort getting around all the bugs and mishaps on every page which is why there aren't any available. Also note that unless you update all the js functions and their interactions, the most current version phpVMS needs is jQuery 1.8.3 (from memory) before things start breaking. The easiest thing is to use the default admin skin until phpVMS 7 is fully ready, then that will be much easier to customize.
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    Hi guys I managed to sort it myself and just for your info here is what I done. This is just the worse Landings ie the bottom ones. <p align="center"><a href="YOUR WEBSITE URL/index.php/TouchdownStats/worst_landings/" target="_self">Click here to see the worst landing rates</a></p>
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    i did use the api but it dint work however it was actully alot easier to just import them via mysql from p3d v4 instead of pulling the airports from real life... btw i need a few schedules do you mind giving me maybe a few? and by few i mean below 1000 routes just for testing pursposes or if you know a way to get a real schedules without having to pay it would be really greatful!
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