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  1. Error messages SOLVED

    Anyone know why I'm still getting these messages? I have 100+ pireps ready to submit that will not. I keep getting this message for each of them: FAILED exporting PIREP #18364 No response from API server This has been going on for a couple of weeks now.
  2. Freight Idea

    Here at Historic Airline Group we have several freight airlines that fly to a distribution airport, where more flights in smaller aircraft fly to other destinations. I'm looking to add an Excel-type format page where freight amounts are selected by pilots and moved accordingly. What I need is someone who knows how to do this. I'm thinking an Excel spreadsheet that works on a web page. Anyone want to discuss the idea more: davidreedbrt@gmail.com
  3. Pirep issue- SOLVED

    When I go to my admin dashboard I see this message: You have 13 PIREPS waiting for export to vaCentral. Click here to send them When I click to send them, I only get an error message. My partner tried on his computer, same issue. Any ideas?
  4. Password

    OK, I found that. I see the salt column you're talking about, but honestly, I'm not confident enough to go any farther with it. You seem to know more about this than myself, want to give it a try? [Removed Personal Information]
  5. Password

    OK, is this done through the cpanel? Because I went there and couldn't find any file called phpvms_pilots.
  6. Password

    Checked and the email address was good. Changed to a different email address. Received a validation support email. Validated, then changed the email back to the original (hotmail). No validation email received. Changed it again to the new email address (gmail). Received validation email. OK, it doesn't like hotmail. With new email and password at phpvms, I went to the VA website and tried to log in with the new email and password. This user does not exist. Tried old email (hotmail) and new password. Incorrect. This is a heck of a lot of work for simply recovering a password!
  7. Password

    Recently I changed my password for some unknown reason. Naturally I didn't write it down. Today I can't get logged in even though I have tried every possible password I can think of. I need someone from phpvms to go into my admin section and either find my password or issue a new one. I tried selecting the link "I forgot my password". I enter my email address, it says a new password has been sent, yet no password ever shows up in either regular mail or junk mail folders. Frustrating.
  8. Pirep Filing/export issue [SOLVED]

    The entry was checked and is correct. However, the problem persists. I wonder if this is a fault in the PHPvms system. VACentral has not received an update from us for months because of this fault.
  9. This is a previous problem that has returned. We have the message "You have 167 PIREPS waiting for export to vaCentral. Click here to send them" but when we try to file them, we get this: vaCentral PIREP Export FAILED exporting PIREP #15595 - No response from API server FAILED exporting PIREP #15594 - No response from API server FAILED exporting PIREP #15593 - No response from API server FAILED exporting PIREP #15592 - No response from API server FAILED exporting PIREP #15591 - No response from API server FAILED exporting PIREP #15590 - No response from API server FAfrom API serverFAILED exporting PIREP #15587 - No response from API server (167 times)
  10. Pireps won't process

    We have over a hundred pireps outstanding, and we can't get the site to approve them. Response is always: Failed exporting pirep #15536 - no response from API server. Little help? David Reed Historic Airline Group
  11. Popups- Solved

    Malware alright. Deleted.
  12. Popups- Solved

    Lately I have been getting a popup on the left side of my screen every time I select a page at phpVMS or my VA web site. It's titled "Related Searches" and has 7 links below it. Sometimes it not only displays the popup but also opens a new page for some sort of ad. Has anyone else been getting this? Not a fan of it. Every time I do anything on my webpage I have to close the popup because it appears every time a new page opens. Aggravating!
  13. Website Developer needed

    Looking to create a new look for our website and I need someone who can create a new website in phpVMS for us. David Reed reed0427@hotmail.com
  14. [NOTICE] - Open Flash Chart Exploit

    Yes, deleting all the recent files was probably a pretty lame idea on my part. Luckily I have friends who aren't so ignorant of web site-ology and have been able to get things rolling again. Lesson learned- next time, call in an expert!
  15. [NOTICE] - Open Flash Chart Exploit

    Our site was compromised, so I read the forum and looked for all the suspicious files. Found one, deleted it. Problem persisted. So I did what most people suggested- I went through every file and deleted everything dated after Sept 10. Now the entire website is down. WTF?