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  1. Now that I think about this, yeah, it would work. I could very easily hide the hub choice for them in the form and make it default each pilot to a single hub, he or she would be none the wiser anyhow. This airline really does not depend on hubs anyhow as I mentioned. Well, it does very heavily but it has it pilots join divisions, not hubs. So this would work. Out of curiosity, let me break out of V7 chat momentarily if I may (if not, please feel free to edit out). Is there any way at all I can hot fix 5.5 for testing purposes to allow me to do this? As we sit now it is one airline per ai
  2. Glad you got it sorted out. It is a nice skin for sure. :-)
  3. I'm thinking multiple airlines might work. I'll be talking with the guys real soon like. And sorry so long on the reply. Life tossed me a crosswind and it wasn't on approach. ;-) The airline in question was built in 2000 so 19 years later their site is very old and decrepit. The man who built it is long since gone. He was a VERY smart man. No one can really come behind him and figure out how he did what. he has things built in the system I have yet to ever see in any other system ever built. However, the folks now if they wish to carry on, what few are left, might just have to take what t
  4. Which version of phpvms are you using? One has tpl files and the other has php files. on the very first page of this thread this very same question is asked and answered. I would go look there real quick and see. It is much faster than me going and doing a copy and paste and verifying info and coming back and explaining and posting and explaining some more etc etc etc....... See what I mean? It took longer to read my post. 🙂
  5. So I have been a member of a virtual airline that has been around since the tail end of 2000. I have been talking with them about a new website. The issues is, they have 1 main airline, 4 Divisions, and then hubs. How we are setup now in phpVMS we can create separate airlines and all kinds of hubs or an airline with as many hubs as we wish. So I am embarassed to say that as long as I have been with phpVMS (all but since day 1) I can not for the life of me figure out how to accomplish this task accordingly. I need 1 main airline. Under that main airline I need 4 divisions such as t
  6. That actually is great thinking. Not all airlines operate passengers only. Some are freight only. Or mixed passengers and freight.
  7. So I am messing with some code to bring it up to snuff with php 7 needs. I have pretty :much got it all good to go but 1 line. Literally, 1 line. $message .= str_replace('\"', '"', substr(preg_replace('#(\>(((?>([^><]+|(?R)))*)\<))#se', "preg_replace(\$orig, \$repl, '\\0')", '>' . $seg . '<'), 1, -1)); This code as we know just by looking at it is a pile of errors waiting to happen.I get the following error exactly as I had suspected I should. Now I have used the callback and everything in between and I get errors no matter what. The odd part is I have fixed
  8. I am a little late to this post and I REALLY hate to necropost, but I have to. Never use free hosting with phpVMS. It has never worked good in the past and creates a firestorm of support requests and the end result is usually someone saying, "phpVMS does not work with free hosting". So you end right back up at square 1. There are plenty of hosts out there that offer smaller packages that you can pay once per year or however they may be. I would say if someone cannot afford 35 or 40 $ a year to host a website, well ....... You might need to rethink your plans. Remember, most people d
  9. TO bad API2 was not in place first. You all are going to have 500 new Russian hot chicks registering overnight and informing you that if you send them $9875 they will send you your UK lottery winnings and by clicking this lucky link you can view all their nasty pics that you want. VIRUS FREE! Please tell me you all have a captcha of some type installed now and not just a help yourself registration?
  10. That is kind of odd it aligned center. Mine has been modified all to pieces and back and it has always aligned left as seen here. http://prntscr.com/iti29p
  11. TAV1702

    kACARS Free v1.0.1.5

    Will this run on windows 10? By default I believe we have 3.6 and 4.5 installed. 4.0 will not install on windows 10. If anyone figures out how, let me know.
  12. Oh and I failed to answer part of your query. My apologies. As far as having them do both legs, this is where the issue might come into play. Some airlines require the pilot to take off from where they landed. That might make the method work but what if said pilot is at a stop and instead of doing leg B he or she chooses another flight altogether out of the airport to somewhere else? I can see where my idea is cool and needed, but I can see issues with it as well. I know the VAM VA flight software works this way, but not sure how they do it. The same guy who codes the site also does
  13. And thanks for the reply Nabeel. I appreciate it! Ray
  14. Well, take for example Sun Country Airlines. They do a flight out of KMSP to Seattle as Flight # 980 (for lack of a better example) and then after that stop, they continue on to Anchorage as the same flight number. *edit* Upon further review, they used to do that route, the no longer do. Now it is direct to PANC. A famous example is TWA Flight 800 that went down in 1996 out of New York, was scheduled to stop in Paris and then continue on to Rome as flight 800. Now is this necessary? No, not at all. Would it be cool? Yes! A lot of VA's choose to mimic the day to day operations of a r
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