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  1. Freight Idea

    That actually would be pretty sweet. Or a module that allowed it to run like the good old days of FS Economy if anyone remembers that place. And sorry, no post hijack meant.
  2. Connecting Flights

    Let me rehash this one more time. I know this is possible. VAM does it on their software. How? I don't know. I have forgot more about code than I ever knew to begin with. Use it or loose it it has been said and I lost it!
  3. Paginating

    That is a must. I see no reason at all pagination is not an option at this point in time in technology. Nothing like hundreds and hundreds of pilots to display on a single page and schedules, especially for users on slooooooooow servers.
  4. shared hosting installation

    And if someone cant have SSH? I've been with the same host for working on 9 years now with virtually no down time ever. A move would suck real bad. Just saying.
  5. Just a tease

    Nice to see you back in action Nabeel. Hope all is well on your end.
  6. Staff Application v2.0

    Oh I really do understand. I am loaded right now. I just started back to school yet again and am working on opening up a new business. Permits, licenses, insurance, etc etc..... good times! Very trying times for me to say the least. So trying I have not flown a flight in a month or more and even got retired from my own va website.
  7. phpBB Integration

    This has been done before but long ago. The module is well outdated by now if even available anymore. I know dev stopped on it for a reason, just not sure why to be honest. The other option is to use the pay forum module that one of the guys here on site has developed or use SMF and their API hook. Dave (Simpilot) has a thread about it in his forum section of this site.
  8. AirMail 3.0

    Try to escape the apostrophe?
  9. Identity card for polots

    That's pretty cool man. I like that. Mine don't generate anything but is but an image i hard coded but still looks cool. I like yours much better.
  10. A Quick Hello

    Hello fellas! Hope the skies are blue and the winds are fair! Have not had much of an opportunity to get on lately and do any web work or flying for that matter. I hope to change that soon as soon as I get the college schedule worked out and in action. Being 44 and going to school kind of sucks lol Anyhow, hope all is well and I can not wait for phpVMS 3 to come out. I am looking forward to seeing some awesome VA websites when it does come out. Take fellas and keep the blue side up! Ray
  11. Staff Application v2.0

    Sorry man. I actually have nothing to day today. Let me see if I can dig something up for you today. How confident are you in adding to your css files and php files? That is the first thing I might need to know so I can tell you how to do it.
  12. Staff Application v2.0

    I sure will try my best to help if able. In the mean time would seek an alternative just in case. I have been swamped since we talked on here last and its not looking good for the rest of this week for me at bare minimum. Good for the bank account but nothing else. I'll try to dig up some code and share it before tomorrow afternoon and see if it works for you if you have not already fixed the width issue.
  13. Staff Application v2.0

    yep, that is correct. use the link I provided and you should be good to go. You don't need that extra page created in the admin panel And if we can, we need to set you up with a div for your page and css to limit the width. as it is now that page goes coast to coast.
  14. Staff Application v2.0

    As far as skinning the dropdowns and what nots go, that you may need to head over to the skinning threads and ask there. I actually did not create this module. All I did was tweak it some and make it work. I just wish to make the mail function better but with phpVMS 3 coming out, there is no point in modifying this module any more really. I can try to help with drop downs. Can not make any guarantees or promises.
  15. Staff Application v2.0

    Ohh ok I see. that is an easy fix. The link in the menu is wrong. it is heading to pages/staffapplication. that is a addon page created in the acp. We really dont need to do that. That essentially trumps the module itself. it needs to be pointed something like this: <a href="<?php echo url('/Application'); ?>">Application</a> Obviously the word Application After the link an d before the close can be anything from application, pilot application, employment etc etc