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  1. Registration still broken on Safari and Chrome Expiration times still not working correctly at your httpd server. is being quite slow now.
  2. Hello Eicosav, Nice work on the template, some comments about your template and your hosting you have some issues when used at Chrome or Safari, on the registration page (recaptcha goes all the way down bellow the template) , and online flighs page (same problem as recaptcha) on firefox they are fine. (anyway you should be able to handle all with your template or will have some pilots complaining etc...) you should also give a little bit more space between the left bar and the pages looks a little bit weird being too close (that goes for all browsers tested). Now about your hosting Yo
  3. Please contact me when you are available over MSN , I think I know what is the issue and will need you to perform some debug at your server (is a hosting issue , not phpVMS)
  4. Hello Felipe , this skins maybe are not compatible with the new Google APIs which 934 uses , if you need any help in portuguese , just drop me a private message and we can chat over gtalk/aim/icq and get all this setup
  5. Felipe , since you are saying that created again the site (I mean did a reinstall) did you clean the database ? , could you check the table and check if the pilots are really registered ?
  6. Hello Nabeel , I did sent a private message to Felipe and he got everything figured out, the problem was indeed the corruption of this files now Felipe is starting to customize their template and soon they should post another great VA on vacentral is impressive how phpVMS is getting more and more va's each day awesome work Nabell Thanks
  7. liberie


    Nice Work +++
  8. Nabeel Awesome , , Jira is pretty nice , just make sure you have audited properly after install take a look on Apache report on the breach they had some days ago http://blogs.apache.org/infra/entry/apache_org_04_09_2010
  9. Hello M-Queiroz I'm the only 'staff' of Kafly.net, maybe someone missinformed you but we ditch VAFS way from Kafly since last month because is really problematic maintain any large VA with them, the only thing that we did and is not pushed to the live site was import hours of our pilots from VAFS to phpVMS and this will be a one shoot deal, since we have logged there a huge amount of pireps, and the way of export VAFS is get all data at once or nothing (is just a dump from the table), I don't want to be downloading 45MB XMLs for each pirep we receive and convert to phpVMS just that pirep.
  10. Just make sure your copilot doesn't sleep too , or you could pass the destination
  11. not only that , you will pollute the planet with chemicals like ethionamide, prothionamide and others

  12. if you want aircraft name just add <td><%=flight.aircraftname%></td> on line 110 of acarsmap.tpl
  13. Hello Olbi Where did you get the easy part from ? , even if you program on that languages you need to understand the fsuipc dll and XML , before say any assumption try to know what you are talking about , so you don't give false impression to people coding a full acars from scratch have nothing easy there if you never coded anything for this kind of work
  14. well if that exists will generate a lot of traffic, even fsfk do screenshoots only at a predefined time
  15. Hi Ivan phpVMS allow you to block the field to show on pilot profile and during registration , so only administrators or people on group which was granted access to EDIT_PILOTS permission, to show this information you could talk with the VA admin and add the table field to the tpl.
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