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  1. Jakes

    Ledger DB

    Thanks gents. Where did this tale come from? I have searched all my add ons, couldn't find the query?
  2. Jakes

    Ledger DB

    Here is the error log: (all my tables have a prefix MySQL)
  3. Jakes

    Ledger DB

    I am not sure, Don't this update have something to do with it? http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/4967-rev-v21934-112-g46862a2-moved-ledger-into-its-own-data-class/page__hl__ledger I will runt rhrough my mods installations maye Ive missed a SQL query
  4. Jakes

    Ledger DB

    Good day, I have for some reason not a phpvms_ledger table. I do not understand why, maybe because I doesnt have the latest update. I did not do the update due to the many modifations. The site function fine, but the finances does not update when selling/repairing aircraft, not showing the expenses, sales income. Any help, or a SQL query that can add the table? Best Regards, Jakes
  5. Jakes

    New Log/Acars Software APVacars

    Marcosilva, I also had that error. The fix is to make sure you have the APVacars.php module uploaded to the correct location of your website, which is \core\modules\APVacars Enjoy!
  6. Jakes

    Step 1 Aircraft buying Mod Version 1.00 !!!!

    Good day, I have updated this mod to the latest version, and now all my pireps have the following errors: Any idea why? Thanks for the awesome mod!
  7. Jakes

    Airline Skin

    Hi, No actually it is freeware. That is why I left the link in the skin. In the original post, I also placed the link to the skin. Also, I do not take credit for the skin, as said, I only adapted it for phpVMS.
  8. Jakes

    Retire if hours are 0

    Hi there, I would like to know how to modify the auto retire function so that it only retire the pilots that have 0 hours logged? Cheers!
  9. Jakes

    Bluecorporation SKin

    Hi there, I recently updated our website with a new skin I compiled. It features a roundabout image carousel on the frontpage, an accordian style built in for multiple sub pages on a page, as well as a family tree style bulleting system if needed. See the website live here: http://www.uvsaaf.fsworld.co.za/index.php Download the skin here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0lge15r47bs9s7f/bluecorporationSkin.zip Installation instructions: Copy the bluecorporation folder into your www/lib/skins folder and activate To use the accordian style for multiple pages, create a new page in your admin center and save. Then, close your admin center and then open the created pagename.htm in an HTML editor. Copy the contents of the supplied accordianpage.html page to your page. and save. WARNING!!! DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO EDIT THE ACCORDIAN STYLE PAGE IN YOUR ADMIN CENTER PAGE EDITOR. IT THROWS AWAY IMPORTANT INFO NEEDED FOR THE STYLE TO WORK. ONLY EDIT IT WITH AN EXTERNAL EDITOR, SUCH AS NOTEPAD++, or cpanel's code editor copyright: Allthough the basic skin was derived from a free template, I have modified more than 30% of the skin, and added bits and pieces to create my own unique skin. Original template by cool website templates c+c welcome!
  10. Jakes

    Airline Skin

    thanx! the width can easily be adjusted in the css
  11. Jakes

    Airline Skin

    Hi there, I have adapted a skin for a friend, and gladly share it with you guys. View the website live here: http://www.worldwide...x.php/Frontpage DOWNLOAD Airline.zip INSTALLATION Extract the file to your main phpVMS directory (There where your index.php, action.php files are, as well as the core and lib folders) It will ask to overwite some templates. Choose yes, it only adjust the width of some tables to fit in ( I have included a original backup should you want to revert) NOTE: Some html knowledge is required to adjust the wording on the frontpage, add buttons, etc. Credits: This Airline template is a free template from Templatemonster. Visit http://www.templatemonster.com/ I have adjusted it to work for phpVMS I have also used Simpilot's Popup news module (free from their website). Proper credit is given to them. C+C welcome Cheers, Jakes
  12. Jakes

    Leave Of Absence v0.9

    Hi there, Is there a way to automatically mark the pilot as on Leave when he/she submit a LoA form? Also, in addition to that, then exclude the pilots marked as on Leave from the automatic retire function? Best Regards, Jakes
  13. Jakes

    Leave Of Absence v0.9

    My apologies, I have made the folder name in the templates folder, LoA ,instead of loa. All fixed now. Thanks for the great add on!
  14. Jakes

    Leave Of Absence v0.9

    If you look at the error url it have something to do with the path to the tpl file. It have two forward slashes instead of only one.
  15. Jakes

    Leave Of Absence v0.9

    Hi, I have double checked it, and all are in the locations as instructed. I also have a similar error with the admin page