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  1. -When you have already in the airline you must Zero the "Va Money".If not, dont do it! Open admin/templates/ ops_aircraftrepair.tpl Line 40 + ops_aircraftbuysell.tpl Line 76 + Line 344 Sum all of your Aircraft Buying Price without , or something!!! It must be Negative (-). For example you have an Paper plane with the price of 10$ So -10
  2. you must use kacars free or ohter acars wich provide this. With manual entry, u haven't landing rates...
  3. Have u updated also your db? It seems that there is something missing. I see u don´t use an acars! So there are no landing stats. That´s the error.
  4. Can´t do that, because it will affect VA Central! by the way here is a youtube video from my website:
  5. @ahuges: Take a look in the first post here. @ARV187: In the readme can be bugs, No you didn´t need to "0" to finish the repair.
  6. Cool to see something different. The Landingrate isn´t written to the db in the moment?
  7. Lol, no the VA Summary is only for this year !!! When you want, you need to add all years. My calc is base on all Gross - expenses - Fuel - Pilotcosts= Revenue You have to add all the prices from your fleet and put it in the correct lines.... (readme for more) Then you have the total revenue. Or have you more then one airline? And thanx , i used this site already
  8. It can be happen, when u have already some AC´s in your fleet and the u install the mod, that your Va Money is negativ, then u can Zeroing it with the "Hints" in the readme ;-)
  9. I found a little bug, when i fly , the cond calc shows me cond before flight and after flight. But that´s incorrect because the cond is already substracted from the DB. The "Before flight" is the correct "Current Cond". It´s not double substracted. I need to store the old condition first. Ok, here is the solution, i will change the download pack this evening: Change admin/templates/pireplist.tpl line 293 to echo "$row->cond" + $alt2;?>% <?php ?></td> and line 296 to echo $row->cond; ?>%<?php } ?></td> Download Fixed
  10. What do you think about this idea: You can only repair the aircraft, if it is in a Hub? This means , if you want to repair your craft you must fly to the next hub?!?
  11. You are right ;-) @Txmmy : Did this mod change something (feeling) for you?
  12. "/phpvms/admin/lib/images/hangar.png" In ops_aircraftrepair.tpl you can find this line: <img src="/phpvms/admin/lib/images/hangar.png" height="340" width="550" alt="Hangar"> In the zipped pack it is in the correct path.
  13. it seems that there is something corrupted?!? � Is it in the ops_aircraftrepair.tpl? It must be (My Settings!!!): <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <html><head> <meta content="text/html; charset=unicode" http-equiv=Content-Type> <meta name=GENERATOR content="MSHTML 9.00.8112.16430"> </head> <body> <?php // Variables here $repdif= 100-"$aircraft->cond"; $repo= rand(40, 100); // Add random Repaircost modifier $repmax= 1; // Max Repaircosts from Buying Price 1 = 100% , 0.8 = 80% $repcost=(((((("$aircraft->pric
  14. wait with it, i have a better solution for it Do you mean something like this?? But isn´t useful for admins...
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