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  1. You should only need to change it in the template file! However if the image is too big for the template use: Height="#" width="#" to adjust it to the previous image! I hope that makes sense.
  2. Can you put your code up on here so I can take a look please?
  3. Thanks mate, means a lot! Now to get me some pilots! :-)
  4. Yeah of course...although nothing like a bit of healthy competition tho..!
  5. Well until then...I'm a flying EZY!
  6. Designing a pilot centre is pretty easy, not much different to designing a skin! If you want I can take a look for you?
  7. I know, that's why I was careful not to use any logos, pictures and kept the world easyjet down to a minimum, at present I've not copied anything from them, except for a little colour! I'll keep it going for as long as I can...cos as far as I'm concerned I've not infringed any copyright! :-)
  8. Also could someone sign up and check out my pilot centre as well please?
  9. Yeah I was thinking that as well! I will sort that out later on then! Would you join it if you saw it in a listing?
  10. Hello, I have been working on a skin conversion and was wondering if you guys could take a look for me and tell me what you think. It's still a work in progress, so go easy on me! www.flyezy.co.uk kind regards Scot
  11. Hello one and all, I would love to introduce my new EasyJet VA called FlyEzy.co.uk. At FlyEzy we simulate the Real World Airline as closely as possible without infringing on copyright etc... So you can be rest assured we aren't going anywhere. We have over 30 Schedules and 100+ Destinations and we are currently recruiting new pilots and in the near future Staff positions will become available. So if you want to be apart of a growing VA that will develop over time and can only get better then www.flyezy.co.uk is the place for you. Head over to www.flyezy.co.uk, join up and take to the virtual skies with FlyEzy.co.uk Warm Regards and I will look forward to seeing you in the virtual skies soon! Scott Drury CEO FlyEzy.co.uk
  12. The website isn't that great either! Bunch of kid me thinks!
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