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  1. Royles Virtual Airline are currently searching for new staff members. All the details for the vacant positions are below and if you wish to apply for any of them, please Click Here and fill in an application! Web Master Royles VA is looking for a, knowledgeable webmaster for the virtual airline to help design, Update the site and systems this will be using the phpVMS system. This position is on the senior staff team so you will have the opportunity to take part in staff meetings and make big decisions in the virtual airline. Basic Requirements: Able to work to best of your ability Be co
  2. i would recommend simpilotgroup.com
  3. Lol ... Sound good with his new airline .. easyjet was great when he owned it and will defo fly with his new airline when flights are go
  4. yea is good that you didn't By the way is there anyone out there who dose fleet painting ?
  5. Yea i know i am but i dont own it i am just staff but the guy who dose the painting has apparently finished all my fleet .... and he said he was going to send 2 aircraft a day to keep his upload time limit down ... i said ok 2 weeks later i got hold of him he said he was sorry and was going to put it up on that day i talked to him. then never heard from him since i have tryed over a month trying to get hold of him and nothing and also he came on skpe i try to talk to him there and he didnt say a word! i have had people asking for him to paint his fleet and i told them to go somewere eles a
  6. Hey Everyone Am looking for a fleet painter for FSX And a fs9 fleet it will be 5 aircraft in FSX and 7 In FS9 if you guys can help would be great i need this as my old fleet painter started it about 3 months ago said he was going to send them to me and never heard from him again and i cant wait any longer 3 months is to long! Thanks Nathan
  7. Are you using this link? http://www.yourwebsite.com/index.php/pilotshop
  8. hey am just wondering how to and a recent flight map on the main page or the code for it Thanks Nathan
  9. just had a look and .cc is free web hosting so might have a problem there.. This happened to me once wen i changed my password on my DB and i solved it by going to note pad putting the password there then copying it to my local config not sure why bt wen i just typed it in to the local config it didnt work.. so give that a try
  10. i like the idea of giving pilots a challengeing plane to fly and i also have the A380 i dont have any flights for it yet and when i do it wont be many routes for it but its there for the challenge
  11. Yea it look great as it is now Its very neat and a very pro site
  12. We are now hiring staff for Royles VA. Please see the link to our forum for positions available http://royles.eu/forums/index.php?board=17.0 Thanks Nathan
  13. Welcome! Just wanted to say love the site
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