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  1. Found this in the css/ABOUT ME.txt file: http://gyazo.com/b4d8bf4f70848c09b29bd4536080828f.png
  2. Can somebody post the skin to a mirror?
  3. Looks really good! But only the rotation images are going way too fast!
  4. WEBSITE URL: http://yourcpanel.org Hello, My name is Trevor and I am the CEO of Your cPanel Hosting. Your cPanel started planning in 2010 and opened about 4 months later in 2011. Your cPanel offers some of the fastest Web hosting servers around. Your cPanel uses the Very popular cPanel Software. Your cPanel offers Web Hosting, and very soon to come will be selling Teamspeak 3 Servers in about 2 months from now. Below are some features of Your cPanel. Fast Servers 24/7 Support Live Help Desk 45% OFF First Month Multiple Domain Hosting Many more! PACKAGES: BRONZE PLAN 1GB o
  5. Looks nice. But you really need a real domain. CO.CC doesn't link on Google or any search engine so people cant find you unless you advertise.
  6. Hey. This time, i am really gonna give away 10 30 slot teamspeaks. It is run off of a vps server, You can test the speed with this IP: To get a preiview of one of the teamspeaks, connect to: Port: 9988 ( There is no server password. Just reply in this forum if you want one. I will set one up, give you the post and privledge key. Thanks!
  7. Add some hubs and see if it works
  8. That means you are probably on a free host. To fix this, go to cPanel (Or whatever control panel you use) and delete the profile_main.tpl file. It will then be the default profile. Hope this helps!
  9. It is actually pretty easy to switch hosts. All you would have to do is download the MySQL Database from cPanel (or whatever you use), then make a backup of all the files. Then upload the Database through PhpMyAdmin and upload the backup files. Then go to the /core/local.config.php file and change the database details. Ex. In your first host it would be like americ_vms and now in your new host it would be amer_americ_vms, but CHANGE it to your details. Hope this helps!
  10. You should stick with Emirates. Its a bigger company.
  11. -4528!! WOW. Don't worry, I have gotten one of those before! anyway congrats Taylor!
  12. I would be interested in it! I have been looking for one for a while now.
  13. Hmmm. I don't know why it's showing that for you. For me it's normal.
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