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  1. yes the acars map needs resizing i dont find any problem with The font colors.
  2. The images you have attached are not available/have been removed. Anyways nice site good luck!
  3. thanks alot to all fot there replies. Well yes i think i should create 2 youtube channels 1 for PIAS and 1 for PIAS Members giving them access to upload there videos which they want..
  4. But i want some sort of A special Video Upload Portal for our members.
  5. I think i should ask simpilot to release something like this.
  6. Hello all Just thinking that is there any addon in which Members can upload there flight sim videos if not can someone build something like this.
  7. . The new table, the var_dump, the print_r
  8. may i have a link from where to download that.
  9. when did the beta version release updating now the site..!
  10. ok found what i wanted http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/4779-rev-960-maintenance-mode-template/page__p__32027__hl__maintenance__fromsearch__1#entry32027 SOLVED
  11. Hello How can i edit the Maintenance Mode template? Thanks
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