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  1. I have two errors after installation Strict Standards: Non-static method PirepAcData::get_criteria() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /home/u352561549/public_html/admin/modules/PirepAutoAccept/PirepAutoAccept.php on line 52 Criteria List Strict Standards: Non-static method PirepAcData::get_settings() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /home/u352561549/public_html/admin/modules/PirepAutoAccept/PirepAutoAccept.php on line 54 Extra Settings change all .TP
  2. Hello friends. Someone can provide me with a template for the administration panel. The one that brings the phpvms 5.5.x I do not like it. I installed two that circulate in the forum but they are not 100% operative. There are several menus that do not work and I do not know how to fix them. I did not program phpvms and its creators have not been able to fix it either Thank you
  3. yo estoy interesado tambien http://www.mundoairlines.com
  4. Hi. I have a major problem with the creation of charter flights. If a pilot creates a Charter flight with the flight number (example 09990) and another pilot creates a charter flight with the same flight number (example 09990) the system does not allow the creation of the charter flight to the second pilot because the system says that the flight number already exists Pilot number 1 Pilot number 2 How can i fix this. If you have 20 pilots and all start to create charter flights, there will be many conflicts when numbering flights. We are only with two pilots an
  5. Thanks, I put it on 50 flights I would like more if they could be eliminated
  6. Hello Excellent work. I was looking for something like that. When you get to 30 charter flights, how do you keep booking charter flights? Can not be deleted? And start again? Can not reset the counter and reset it to zero? Can not create more than 30 charter flights? for example 100
  7. It's very strange. After doing everything you tell me, the problems continue. Delete lines 27-31 and stay the same. Can you send me a link to download the installation file that you use? Like the one I have is wrong or damaged I made a new installation of phpvms, install airports, airplanes and flbook. The installation of the table fltbook.sql already works perfectly. The rest remains the same. Select the A320-01 and it is blocked for the other pilots and neither the route nor the A320-02 plane can be selected since the route is blocked. If I change this option to
  8. It is in "YES" I install it several times and it always happens the same. Does not accept the change of the administration panel
  9. I have several problems installing FltbookSystem 2 Master. 1.- When I create the tables with fltbook.sql I have an error: Error consulta SQL: MySQL ha dicho: #1060 - Nombre de columna duplicado 'airline' The tables are created equally. I create the airplanes: A350MDN A350-01 A350-02 I think several more but for the example is like this When I book a route, it lets me choose between the A350-01, A350-02 I reserve the A350-01, but the plane is blocked for the other pilots. It is no longer available to anyone, even though the A350-02 is
  10. where can I download the demo version. The one that you download from GITHUB does not have the option to import routes in CSV. Those menus do not come out
  11. In the administrator panel I get this message. New version 7.0.0-180423-29d206 is available! Where can I download it? In the forum I can not find the link for this download. In other versions of phpvms 7 there was an option to import routes in * .CSV format Now that disappeared. How can I import routes? Thank you
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