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  1. ARV187

    Config Airlines

    Hi, open a issue in github for each bug that you find. The pilotID change is already reported in github.
  2. ARV187

    Google Maps Conversion

    No errors there, only that marks aren't showing in map, the map is empty: And the expected behavior is like the old: The others maps work right as you did with your instructions, but you forgot modify and the instructions to this index.php/pireps/routesmap or /core/templates/profile_myroutesmap.tpl
  3. ARV187

    Google Maps Conversion

    In http://argavirtual.com/index.php/pireps/routesmap or /core/templates/profile_myroutesmap.tpl isn't working to me (no marks, only map), I use phpvms v2 and *.tpl files: profile_myroutesmap.tpl <br /> <br /> <div align="center"> <h3>Mi mapa de rutas</h3> </div> <br /> <div class="mapcenter" align="center"> <div id="routemap" style="width: 1100px; height: 640px;"></div><!--Adjustable of course --> </div> <?php ////// Leave remarked out for Leaflet please /////// /** * * This is the new Google Maps v3 code. Be careful of changing * things here, only do something if you know what you're doing. * * These are some options for the map, you can change here. * * This map is used for schedules and PIREPS * * By default, the zoom level and center are ignored, and the map * will try to fit the all the flights in. If you want to manually set * the zoom level and center, set "autozoom" to false. * * If you want to adjust the size of the map - Look at the above * "routemap" div with the CSS width/height parameters. You can * easily adjust it from there. * * And for reference, you want to tinker: * http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/v3/basics.html */ if(isset($pirep)) $mapdata = $pirep; if(isset($schedule)) $mapdata = $schedule; ?> <script type="text/html" id="navpoint_bubble"> <span style="font-size: 10px; text-align:left; width: 100%" align="left"> <strong>Name: </strong><%=nav.title%> (<%=nav.name%>)<br /> <strong>Type: </strong> <?php /* Show the type of point */ ?> <% if(nav.type == 2) { %> NDB <% } %> <% if(nav.type == 3) { %> VOR <% } %> <% if(nav.type == 4) { %> DME <% } %> <% if(nav.type == 5) { %> FIX <% } %> <% if(nav.type == 6) { %> TRACK <% } %> <br /> <?php /* Only show frequency if it's not a 0*/ ?> <% if(nav.freq != 0) { %> <strong>Frequency: </strong><%=nav.freq%> <% } %> </span> </script> <?php /* Below here is all the javascript for the map. Be careful of what you modify!! */ ?> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/js/base_map.js"></script> <script src="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/lib/js/acarsmap.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> // Write the PIREP data out into JSON // The big reason being we don't need to have PHP writing JS - yuck const flight = JSON.parse('<?php echo json_encode($mapdata); ?>'); console.log(flight); const map = createMap({ render_elem: 'routemap', provider: '<?php echo Config::Get("MAP_TYPE"); ?>', }); const depCoords = L.latLng(flight.deplat, flight.deplng); selDepMarker = L.marker(depCoords, { icon: MapFeatures.icons.departure, }).bindPopup(flight.depname).addTo(map); const arrCoords = L.latLng(flight.arrlat, flight.arrlng); selArrMarker = L.marker(arrCoords, { icon: MapFeatures.icons.arrival, }).bindPopup(flight.arrname).addTo(map); let points = []; points.push(depCoords); // rendering for if there's smartcars data if(flight.rawdata instanceof Object && flight.rawdata.points !== undefined && Array.isArray(flight.rawdata.points) ) { $.each(flight.rawdata.points, function(i, nav) { if(nav.lat === undefined || nav.lng === undefined) { return; } points.push(L.latLng(nav.lat, nav.lng)); }); } else { $.each(flight.route_details, function(i, nav) { const loc = L.latLng(nav.lat, nav.lng); const icon = (nav.type === 3) ? MapFeatures.icons.vor : MapFeatures.icons.fix; points.push(loc); const marker = L.marker(loc, { icon: icon, title: nav.title, }) .bindPopup(tmpl("navpoint_bubble", { nav: nav })) .addTo(map); }); } points.push(arrCoords); const selPointsLayer = L.geodesic([points], { weight: 2, opacity: 0.5, color: 'red', steps: 10 }).addTo(map); map.fitBounds(selPointsLayer.getBounds()); </script> Does anyone know what is failing me?
  4. ARV187

    deptime in UTC or +6 hour

    I need this: <?php $datetime = '$flight->deptime'; $tz_from = 'America/New_York'; $tz_to = 'Europe/Madrid'; $format = 'H:i'; $dt = new DateTime($datetime, new DateTimeZone($tz_from)); $dt->setTimeZone(new DateTimeZone($tz_to)); echo $dt->format($format) . "\n"; ?> But with $flight->deptime I get a error, only work with time format (writing the time directly in the code $datetime = '15:25';) but the only thing that I have is $flight->deptime. FIXED : <?php $flight->deptime; ?> <?php $tz_from = 'America/New_York'; $tz_to = 'Europe/Madrid'; $format = 'H:i'; $dt = new DateTime($flight->deptime, new DateTimeZone($tz_from)); ?> <?php $dt->setTimeZone(new DateTimeZone($tz_to)); ?> <?php echo $dt->format($format) . "\n"; ?>
  5. ARV187

    Is there a way to change Pilot IDs in phpVMS7?

    Hi Adam, its actually asked: https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms/issues/265 I tried change it directly in DB but have strange effects.
  6. ARV187

    deptime in UTC or +6 hour

    @Nabeel Im very noob in programation is this? https://www.w3schools.com/php/func_string_sprintf.asp or this? https://www.w3schools.com/php/php_date.asp (Create a Date From a String With PHP strtotime) Thanks! P.S: I need modify ACARSData.class.php to get UTC or especific zone time not local (server time) because is more hard and dirty, for example we have deptime, arrtime and lastupdate time in acars table, all in local time (server).
  7. ARV187

    deptime in UTC or +6 hour

    Hi, I'm trying this function in a table <?php echo $flight->deptime; ?> But my server have NY time and I want UTC time or +6 hours, then I'm trying this: <?php echo $flight->deptime+'6 hour'; ?> But if for example in NY are the 16:38h I get 22h, not 22:38h I tried with +6, with +06:00:00, etc, but nothing. How I can get deptime in UTC or add 6 hours with minutes? Thanks! P.S: This is the source file (I think) to deptime funtion https://github.com/nabeelio/phpvms_v2/blob/master/core/common/ACARSData.class.php
  8. Check if you have installed phpvms7 in main directory and not subdirectory, acars not work in subdirectories. ex: www.myweb.com not www.myweb.com/myphpvms7subdirectory
  9. We continue with same issue, APVacarsV2 v0.0.0.3 & PHPvms version 7.0.0 (build 180903-c95fe3) And we can't configure a charter flight, acars is blocked by default if pilot don't have a bided flight. With kacars for example VA a pilot could make a flight between two airports without that flight being in the database, in that case it was a charter flight, and the administrators did not have to create a specific regular flight for a pilot who wanted to fly an unusual route . Pilot can select a bided flight or can select charter flight check box to fill manual data and start flight. If this could be implemented, it helped a lot in that the pilots do charter flights without the administrators having to create a route that will only be flown once. Thanks Vangelis.
  10. ARV187

    Live Map

    OK, im using the development version. If you update, make a backup.
  11. ARV187

    Can't add or remove bid

    I think that it was fixed, try with a new version. v7.0.0-180902-fbe380 is the last.
  12. ARV187

    Live Map

    Administration -> settings -> acars (Center Coords Where to center the map; enter as LAT,LON)
  13. My friend and me can't use acars because I get this error when we do click on start flight: Exception no controlled on aplication. Reference to object not stablished as instance of a object, if you click on continue nothing happen. There is a log file to attach here? /htdocs/storage/logs: ,"planned_distance":"266","source_name":"APVacars2","flight_type":0,"user":"[object] (App\\Models\\User: {\"id\":1,\"name\":\"hidden\",\"email\":\"hidden@domain.com\",\"airline_id\":1,\"rank_id\":3,\"country\":\"es\",\"home_airport_id\":\"LEMG\",\"curr_airport_id\":\"LEBL\",\"last_pirep_id\":null,\"flights\":0,\"flight_time\":0,\"transfer_time\":0,\"avatar\":{\"path\":\"avatars/ARV001.png\"},\"timezone\":\"GMT\",\"status\":0,\"state\":1,\"opt_in\":null,\"active\":null,\"last_ip\":\"\",\"created_at\":\"2018-08-21 22:27:03\",\"updated_at\":\"2018-08-31 04:01:41\",\"deleted_at\":null})"} [2018-09-01 18:42:22] dev.INFO: PIREP PREFILED [2018-09-01 18:42:22] dev.INFO: aHiDDeNe In web page only its showed this in relation to acars flight: Open debug:
  14. I know that Nabeel is busy and does most of the work for phpvms7 on github, so I leave this as a suggestion from my VA. If someone else wants to put their suggestions it can be a good post. How are suggestions can be included or not, and may be soon or not. 1. fleet->new aircraft-> (complete all data)-> save (there is no button to go back and add other aircraft) P.S: Doing clicking twice in save return to aircraft menu. 2. Add a option to edit pilot ID ex: 3. Option (checkbox) to make a return/reverse flight when you create a flight. So you can create a flight and their reverse route without complete all fields again.
  15. TIP: Connections to installations in subdirectories seem not work. Vangelis said that subdomains neither works, but I can't test it.