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  1. Welcome To Star One Alliance Virtual Airlines "THE ONLY WAY TO FLY" = Star One Alliance VA Welcome! Here at Star One Alliance Virtual, we strive to recreate real world airline operations as close as possible. We achieve this by the strong backing of pilots and staff, and their enjoyment being here, which in turn makes our airline what it is today. Star One Alliance Virtual is based out of many hubs along with its focus cities. We have a large selection of routes: 12,200 and growing. Our fleet consists of most modern day Boeing and Airbus airliners, and many more Some of the Airlines in our system is JAL, BAW, HAL, AAL, DAL, ACA, UAL, FDX, UPS and tons more.. http://www.starallianceva.net Teamspeak3 IP : ts93.light-speed.com:4779 Any question feel free to ask me please
  2. My Distance Remaining in my acars map is not working???? Can someone help me out why its not showing up please
  3. This Distance remaining is not showing up ??? What do I have to do get it back ... http://staralliancev...index.php/acars Thank you
  4. Notice: The template file "/home5/starall1/public_html//core/templates//rfind/Rfinder.tpl" doesn't exist in /home5/starall1/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 248 Its not opening up on the system Friend Link:
  5. Looking for a Virtual Airline ??? Star One Alliance Va has live chat now ... you can speak to the CEO when he online to ask any question about The VA ... http://starallianceva.net/
  6. I currently have Version 2.1.934 .... If Update to the new version will i loose all my website and stuff?? Thank you Brian
  7. TIME CHANGE from 1100Z to 2300Z Open House at Star One Alliance Virtual Airlines.. March 2,2013 from 1100Z thru 2300Z Come meet the staff and pilot of Star One If you looking into a VA come check us out tomorrow www.starallianceva.net Teamspeak IP : ts93.light-speed.com:4779 CEO Skype : ksmq-nj Hopefully to see you there tomorrow.
  8. Event Attendance Pilot Statistics Pilot # Of Events Attended DAL1242 - Will Barker 1 SWA1000 - Brian Mensing 1 LIA1232 - Che Jackson 1 I will just added this program to our website. We did a test event but we still showing up as we did the event. I deleted it from the admin side the event. is there a way to rest this statistic page. I deleted everything from the system and re add it back and we still show use we did the even.
  9. Hello, I am trying to see if someone can help me out with a new SKIN for the VA and help me out with the website and get it looking better. If you call me on skype or teamspeak we can talk about prices www.starallianceva.net skype name : ksmq-nj teamspeak IP Address : ts93.light-speed.com:4779 thank you Brian (CEO)
  10. Hello, I trying to get Vastatscenter dowloaded but the website and download is not working. Does anyone have it or know where you can get a link or download that work please? thank you Brian www.starallianceva.net
  11. Hello, I trying to see if there is any codes or program i can add to the website to see monthly information like ... how many pilot joined, PIREPS submitted, hours flown, fuel used for one month? Example::::: hours for Febuary = 500 hours PIREPS for Febuary = 200 Fuel used for Febuary = 35,125 Gallons ... Is there any program i can add to see this kind of information... thank you
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