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  1. you have to delete all the [ b ] and [ /b ] erecio and it apear againg. but not work for me, is posible to put de map in frompage?
  2. Please forget it solved editing core / common / PManager Data.class.php adding phpvms_ in SELECT * FROM pilot_manager
  3. hello excellent work, but I have a little problem there is no information that says: Warning, Welcome, General. Could you help me please. hi just updated installation files: -overwrite "Pilot manager.php" with the new one. -Add New files to "pm" folder. but continues the same problem does not show the information of the emails sent.
  4. Hi, i have a problem each time that i try to add an airport, i obtain message :There was an error adding the chart.. i don't know what to do. Help Me please.
  5. Hi the link is broken, can anybody fix it please.
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