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  1. Bueno93

    Fresh by MiniArma

    Sorry guys, I need to bring up the topic again, as I have the same problem here. Is there any possibility to fix the menu bar?
  2. Hi, folks! Does anyone have an extension for this great module to add the possibility to search for the day of flight? I had some tries, but it doesn't really work for me. So, is it possible to select the day of flight in addition to the other values or has someone already coded this? Doesn't matter if it is not possible, would be just a nice extension Kind regards Bueno
  3. Bueno93

    Determination of if-issue [SOLVED]

    Perfect!!! exactly what I intended. Thank you very much :-)
  4. Bueno93

    Determination of if-issue [SOLVED]

    Wow, many thanks for your fast answer. I thought of this kind of code, but it doesn't work at the moment. I use the code like this: <?php if ($route->flighttype == "P") { <img src="http://www.1234.com/images/misc/1234.png"/> } else if($route->flighttype == "C") { <img src="http://www.1234.com/images/misc/5678.png"/> } else { <img src="http://www.1234.com/images/misc/910.png"/> }?> I get the following message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /hp/bh/ad/yc/www/core/templates/schedule_results.tpl on line 121 Is the embedding of the image wrong?
  5. Yeah, you're right. One topic solved, the next follows. Hope this will be the last one for a while . We'll have a look at the schedule_results.tpl, where the problem is the following: In front of every resulting flight I have put a picture (I mean the Aero Lloyd logo ; see below). I now intend to show this picture for every flight marked as passenger flight. For flights, marked as charter, I'd like to have another picutre. How do I handle with this "if"-issue to determine the appereance of each picture?! I hope the problem is clear, otherwise just ask me. Maybe there's someone in this holy programming-world, who can help me . I'd really appreciate this, as I don't know what to do. Kind regards from Germany Bueno
  6. Bueno93

    How to remove Route Map? [SOLVED]

    Works perfectly. Thank you very much ;-)
  7. Hey guys, how can I remove the Route Map, shown on the Schedule Details page? It isn't coded in the template file. I also tried to set the width and height to 0px in the local config, but it didn't work. Does anyone has an idea? Regards Bueno
  8. Bueno93

    Editing flight hours & title of page

    Okay, and what exactly do I have to change? Is it determined in a code?
  9. Bueno93

    Editing flight hours & title of page

    Good evening, I need to bring up this topic once again. My question is the following: Where can I find the code for the format of the time, that is shown? (e.g. the flighttime) I'd like to change the format from 0:3 into 00:30 hours. Any possibility to do this? I didn't find a code until now. Thank you very much BR Bueno
  10. Bueno93

    Pilot Ranks

    Hi, the pictures are located here: www.yoursite.com/lib/images/ranks Hope this helps Regards Bueno
  11. Bueno93

    Problem with sorting tables

    Hey guys, I'm struggeling with the following code, so I really need your help. I'd like to have the abilty to sort my results from searching the flightplan, which should be the schedule_results.tpl. So I tried to use the Tablesorter 2.0 jQuery plugin, that someone posted recently (see here:jQuery plugin:Tablesorter 2.0). The required jquery-latest.js and jquery.tablesorter.js are located in www.mysite.com/www/lib/skins/crystal/js. The code, which is just a result from following the installing instructions, looks like this: <script type="text/javascript" src="www.mysite.com/www/lib/skins/crystal/js/jquery-latest.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="www.mysite.com/www/lib/skins/crystal/js/jquery.tablesorter.js"> $(document).ready(function() { $("#myTable").tablesorter(); } ); </script> <?php if(!$allroutes) { echo '<p align="center">No routes have been found!</p>'; return; } ?> <table width="100%" id="myTable" class="tablesorter"> <tr> <th>Flug</th> <th>Startort</th> <th>Zielort</th> <th>Startzeit</th> <th>Flugzeit</th> <th>Flugzeug</th> <th>Buchen</th> </tr> <tbody> // I left the options out here! ?> <tr> <td> <a href="<?php echo url('/schedules/details/'.$route->id);?>"><?php echo $route->code . $route->flightnum?></a> <?php # Note: this will only show if the above code to # skip the schedule is commented out if($route->bidid != 0) { echo 'This route has been bid on'; } ?> </td> <td><?php echo ''.$route->depicao.''?></td> <td><?php echo ''.$route->arricao.''?></td> <td><?php echo $route->deptime;?></td> <td><?php echo $route->deptime;?></td> <td><?php echo $route->aircraft; ?></td> <td><?php # Don't allow overlapping bids and a bid exists if(Config::Get('DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID') == true && $route->bidid != 0) { ?> <a id="<?php echo $route->id; ?>2" class="addbid" href="<?php echo actionurl('/schedules/addbid');?>">Buchen</a> <?php } else { if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { ?> <a id="<?php echo $route->id; ?>2" class="addbid" href="<?php echo url('/schedules/addbid');?>">Buchen</a> <?php } } ?> </td> </tr> <?php /* END OF ONE TABLE ROW */ } ?> </tbody> </table> <hr> Using this code, nothing happens. The table is just the same, like I had before. I would really appreciate, if someone knows, what's wrong with the code, 'cause I really have no idea left. Thank you Kind Regards Tim
  12. Hi simpilot, thank you once again for a very nice add-on ;-). I'd just like to know, if you can add the value daysofweek. Would be some kind of this, wouldn't it? <select class="search" name="daysofweek"> <option value="">All days</option> <?php foreach ($daysofweek as $days) {echo '<option value="'.$days->name.'">'.$days->name.'</option>';} ?> </select> But this doesn't work for me. Any possibility to get it work? I guess it's something in here "$days->name". Regards
  13. Bueno93

    Editing flight hours & title of page

    Alright, this is fixed now. Thank you very much
  14. Bueno93

    Editing flight hours & title of page

    Hi Nabeel, is there any possibility to avoid this translation into hours.minutes, because in some situation (e.g. the briefing) the value flighttime, shown as 3.1, looks quite strange. Regards
  15. Hi again, I have just two short questions. Well at first, I'd like to know, if there's any possibilty to change the format of the hours. Normally it is 0.3 for 30 minutes. Is there any way to change it into 00:30? Or 02:40 for 2 hours and 40 minutes? The other question is, if I can change the title of the page somewhere. So, let me just explain ;-). If I watch a profile of a pilot the browser shows a title for the page, above. E.g. Profile for XY, or if I watch the schedules it says Schedules. Can I change these names anywhere? Thank you in advance and kind regards Bueno