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  1. Just my two cents, Give your pilots incentives... give them a reason to fly and keep them engaged. All the goodies only go so far and then you have to start emphasizing the use of the community. Be active on the TeamSpeak, forums, wherever your outlets are make sure they're constantly active. The community makes a virtual airline what it is. Another big thing is that layout, not trying to accuse you of anything but it does look strikingly similar to http://vdelta.org and http://delta.com. vDelta was the first Delta to adopt that layout and many people were and still are attracted to it makin
  2. Hi, Haven't been on here in ages and not sure if this is the right place exactly... I'm in need of a custom ACARS by a developer with experience. I'm aiming for something that can be used without bugs interfering, in addition to it having a nice interface and good features/functionality. The catch is: We use a custom system very similar to PHPvms and if you're a good coder then it should be as easy to accomplish it. Don't criticize because I don't use it, there is nowhere else to find someone experienced to do it and I need it soon. Give me a price, I'll pay it, you make it, and we'll b
  3. Being the CEO of a fairly well-known American Airlines VA myself I do look forward to some healthy, friendly competition. I wish you much success with your virtual airline and hope you get to experience the fun of the worlds biggest airline! Kind Regards as always
  4. Great! We've fixed embedded images, moved all of the images to our server, set the target to blank for the Policies, recent flights and pilots now clickable. Events now show content. Thanks for the feedback, also feel free to give some suggestions on our promo vid. Thanks guys!!
  5. Hey Strider, That is where our promotional video is - that problem is probably on your side of the fence as it displays for most if not all people. Also Ashley, if you could further re-iterate on that and please list what you think needs fixing. Again thanks for the feedback guys, we'll be working on those! The new system we have is kinda vague but we're learning slowly but surely.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Noted and will be fixed! As always thanks for your help.
  7. Most, if not all on our Flickr account. Also could you please give some constructive criticism and know what we can improve on the front end. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys! It's been an amazing journey here, we've truly felt like apart of the community for the past 2 years. We couldn't have done it without the help of all the developers and people here. As of today, March 1st, AALv.net has paid and received our own custom system to enhance our operations. Check out the new us @ AALv.net Thanks for all the help guys, it's been great. Good luck with future endeavors Chase R AALv.net CEO
  9. Noticed that too, it looks like their design is different though. Hm.. Let's see what happens hehe
  10. There is always the awesome, and reliable ACARS by TFDi Design They are now offering even more customization at standard price
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