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  1. Would this only work for specific PIREPS you list or could you pull all PIREPS from that airline?
  2. (I am using the latest official phpvms release, but I am only on php5.3 since it does not work on later versions (I coudln't get the phpvms forks to work with 5.5+)) thanks, mine is only located in /core/templates/pl. I replaced that file completely and got the error, then tried your fix on line 8 which made the page load properly but broke the previous functionality I had setup (showing top 100 pilots from most to least hours)(it would now load all 800 pilots by pilot ID). It did show both airlines on the page but for the second airline it only showed pilots that were registered with that second airline. I was hoping it would be possible to list a pilot in both airline lists since they can submit pireps to each airline even though they can only register for one airline at a time(sorry that sounds confusing). Basically I wanted to know if its possible to show Pilot X who registered with Airline A to appear in BOTH pilot lists for Airline A and B even though he is only registered to Airline A (because he submitted pireps to both Airlines). I am trying to set this up because we will have a commercial airline and a general aviation airline, but I want to keep the pilot list of hours separate since as you can imagine commercial pilots rack up way more hours then general aviation pilots. We are pretty casual so I wanted a pilot who is registered in the commercial airline to also be able to submit pireps for the general aviation airline, and show up in both pilot lists for each airline. Thanks for all the help, I have to call it a night, so I will check back in tomorrow.
  3. I don't have lib/skins/YOURSKINNAME/pilots_list.php, so I tried replacing my files \core\template\pl\pilot_list.tpl and \core\modules\PilotList\PilotList.php and got these errors: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')' in /home1/msflight/public_html/pilots/phpvms/core/templates/pl/pilots_list.tpl on line 8 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')' in /home1/msflight/public_html/pilots/phpvms/core/modules/PilotList/PilotList.php on line 8
  4. Thanks for the help, unfortunately I'm embarrassed to admit I'm not sure exactly where to paste in the airlines code/name. I tried a few different spots without success...I'm sure its really simple and I have been starring right at it...but PHP is still like a foreign language to me
  5. Hello, if anyone would be able to help me create separate Pilot Lists for each airline it would be much appreciated! I am not very experienced with PHP but thanks to the help of Parkho in a previous thread I setup a pilot list that lists all pilots by hours here: http://www.msflights.net/pilots/phpvms/index.php/pilotlist We have two airlines, one Commercial and one for General Aviation aircraft, I would like to create separate lists that show pilots by hours for each airline on separate pages. I'm not quite sure if it's possible to show flights/hours for each airline separately especially since we allow pilots to submit pireps for BOTH airlines even though they are signed up for only one. These are my files for the pilot list so far: \core\template\pl\pilot_list.tpl: http://pastebin.com/r4yWRUbt \core\modules\PilotList\PilotList.php: http://pastebin.com/jXmDpVeb \core\common\PilotListData.class.php: http://pastebin.com/mu2T5gkB Thanks for any help!
  6. I'm not sure if this is related, but whenever I try to access these forums by the main link on the phpvms homepage with my android device, my browser is overtaken by a spam sweepstakes scam. I tried 2 different browsers with the same result, and I also scanned my phone for viruses which it had none. This forum link is the only link I have seen this happen with my android device.
  7. thanks for your help web, I decided I will unfortunately have to rent a separate server for phpvms so I can run php5.3 solely on that server. It's probably better to stick with the official release version anyways in case there ever is an update to phpvms.
  8. The pilots are showing up in admin center from my old database, all 500 or so. When I put that code into frontpage_main.php it listed all the pilots in a big paragraph format and shewed a bunch of code....it looked pretty messy.
  9. Nothing is in logs. Pilots do show up in admin center. I'm not sure where to put the code you suggested, do you mean put it index.php all by itself? I tried that and got a white page. Thanks again.
  10. thanks for all the help. My database connections were fine but I don't know much about all the other settings, I'll upload a copy of my local.config.php. I tried the above changes but the pilots list did not show on the website. I didn't make any changes to the database, but since there doesn't seem to be an "official" version, each version out there are slightly different sizes like the two links I referenced in post #1, so I'm not sure if I have the best version. my local.config.php: http://pastebin.com/vARD4r6E [/code]
  11. I tried this to, but got the above errors. It seems like the problems are because the phpvms php5.5 versions add all kinds of new fields to the tables. Do you think there's a version out there for php5.5 that uses only the default tables of phpvms without adding extra stuff?
  12. Still some errors: when importing my old pilot table: when I did the above to my old pilot table, but also added what you said to do in post #7 SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0; before create table: when re-importing phpvms5.5 default pilot table: A little success here! I could get both my old pilot table and the new unchanged pilot table to import...but now the pilot list shown on the webpage does not show pilots from the database @ /index.php/pilots (it's an empty list, even though in phpMyadmin it shows all pilots in the table in the old format...I guess because the fields are different?) To get the phpvms5.5 default pilot table to import I had to delete from line 74 and down: to get my old pilot table to import I had to add SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0; before Creat Table like you said AND delete from line 824 and down:
  13. this is kind of interesting, I exported a default pilots table and tried to import it without making any changes and I got the same error. Could there be some other problem since I cant even re-import the default tables it makes?
  14. thanks, hmm I got the same error with pilots table and a slightly different one with schedules. Did I put the foreign_key_checks in the right spot? new schedules error:
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