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  1. Hi could we have some kind of intergration of vataware in to the system. http://vataware.com/faq.cfm Look there you can email someone about using vataware scripts. Thanks.
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    Hi if you look on my site my old system had stats for alot of things http://jlvirtual.x10hosting.com/ right side of the main page if you could integrate most of those values that would be great.
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    Hey i have a login script for my website (lf you look on my page) and i would like to reuse it for the phpvms system so how would i be able to do it can you provide me a code?
  4. The flight will show up in PIREPS but not match the scheduled flight.
  5. Fresh install of the latest.
  6. As for the ACARS system when i file a flight from it , it goes to the server fine but won't show up as a flight EX JAL116 goes to the server but when i look at the flights dialog in the pilot center it still says the same hours and pilot pay as before so the ACARS flight does not give u any Pilot pay Hours or flights.And when you look here even after 4 days without flight it still shows my flight....http://jlvirtual.x10hosting.com/jalweb2/index.php/acars
  7. Now the site is up the server was downIf a phpbb3 auto replier work so can phpvms.As for the ACARS i will make a video on what im talking about.
  8. Hi i have two minor annoyances id like to sort out:1. Email Issues-When ever a new pilot signs up for the system he won't recive a confirmation email i don't know what's wrong my host supports auto email's.2. FSACARS When ever i submit a flight like JAL100 in from FSACARS to the system it won't recolonize it as a flight as seen in the total flight dialog.http://jlvirtual.x10hosting.com/jalweb2/
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