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  1. Hey! So, we utilise VATSIM SSO in our organisation, and basically we need an ACARS system to work with this? Any suggestions?
  2. It is .php but the TemplateSet.class.php is looking for a tpl file. Do I then have to update my phpvms or is that fine?
  3. Got a new issue -.- The template file "/******/pilots/core/templates/ruleregs.php" doesn't exist in /******/ccvgnet/public_html/pilots/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 231
  4. (Found a new issue... sorry) But anyway, thanks so much Servetas!
  5. It worked, thanks! Is this/will this be updated in GitHub? But... The template file "/******/pilots/core/templates/ruleregs.php" doesn't exist in /******/ccvgnet/public_html/pilots/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 231 -DHB
  6. This is more complex than expected. The whole file reads: [/size] <?php /////////////////////////////////////////////// ///Rules and Regulations v1.2 by php-mods.eu/// /// Author php-mods.eu /// /// Packed at 11/2/2015 /// /// Copyright (c) 2015, php-mods.eu /// /////////////////////////////////////////////// class Ruleregs extends CodonModule { public function index() { $this->set('category', RuleregsData::getAllRuleCat()); $this->render('ruleregs.php'); } }
  7. Line 11 was using $render or something for each, so I managed to fix the first issue of TPL, but the sidebar isn't showing. Can you advise?
  8. Hey guys, I get this in ADMIN panel.. and I can't resolve it. Equally, with codeshare module (Strider) I don't get the file in the sidebar, and it's a pain to do codeshares.. Any assistance greatly received! Running simpilot 5.5.2 as phpVMS and PHP 5.5 (I think..) Thanks guys!
  9. Hey all! I'm back with another nooby question. My homepage is having some "things" added - I'm using bootstrap elements with some features from a template on it - all's good. I'm trying to style the page first and then add content. My footer is appearing halfway across the site. Which is odd. And the font's have changed. And the dimensions - it looks like a CSS error, I can't resolve it. Ugh. Now, I'm probably stupid, but I can't seem to resolve it. But, below, is how the page should appear- obviously this is without the homepage additions, but its the template working correctly. So, can anybody assist? Yes I created the site myself using an internet template then adding my features, still no effect on it.
  10. But with that added I get Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /home/ccvgnet/public_html/pilots/lib/skins/iceair/layout.php on line 58 even though the only < is the <li> and <a href="..."> blah blah blah EDIT: Fixed by using <?php if(Auth::LoggedIn()) { echo '<li><a href="http://pilots.ccvg.net/index.php/Login/logout"/>Log Out</a></li>'; } else { echo '<li><a href="http://pilots.ccvg.net/index.php/Login">Login</a></li>'; echo '<li><a href="http://pilots.ccvg.net/index.php/Registration/">Join Us</a></li>'; } ?>
  11. Perfect, thanks! What would I change if(Auth::LoggedIn()) to if I wanted to display only to Admin Users? -D
  12. Hey guys, So I'm new to skinning, and am basically needing assitance! Can anybody tell me the code/provide me with a snippet for the login link? I've got a screenshot to put it into context - basically, if pilot is logged out, display login button, if logged in display logout button etc etc. I assume the principle for an Admin Centre Link is the same too.. I've already added the buttons, I'm working on menu bar before I add it to the main "template" file as I always do, hence the lack of a detailed screenie! Thanks in advance! Regards, Damon
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