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  1. Morgan


    hello, sometimes the acars map works fine but then other times this error is shown in the console profile:272 Uncaught ReferenceError: google is not defined at profile:272 14:00:37.765 acarsmap.js:30 Uncaught ReferenceError: google is not defined at acarsmap.js:30
  2. Morgan

    Certificate Of Promotion V1.1

    Link broken
  3. Morgan

    help - Password

    Hello, PHP 5.5 - skin using .php not .tpl when pilots register unless they meet the requirements of the password (which seems to be letters, symbols and numbers) the page refreshes however it doesnt show them the error. how can i display the errors or disable the check
  4. SAS Virtual Group 2 for sale! ----------------------------------------------------- 495 pilots! Minimum of 4 pirep a day, normally 10+ a day. Comes with 1216 input routes Full time smartCARS - no pay Multiple modules worth £20-£40 and more £250 - open to negotiation ----------------------------------------------------- Virtual Monarch for sale! ----------------------------------------------------- 393 pilots! Minimum of 1 pirep a day, normally 4 a day. Comes with 1549 input routes Full time smartCARS 2 - no pay Multiple modules worth £20-£40 and more £200 - open to negotiation -----------------------------------------------------
  5. Morgan

    admin please delete this

    Hello sir, the reason we have a preloader is because the first time load is quite large (while your pc starts to cache it) and with out the preloader you would just see a white screen etc and thanks for your pro's and cons
  6. Admins if not allowed please remove ----------------------------------------------- Come Join Virtual FlyDubai, We have a Custom Flight Aware API that downloads and installs all flights direct form Flight Aware, We have a Amazing CrewCenter, We use the best Tracker around (smartCARS 2), We have also integrated simbrief so you can generate OFP Flight Plans from are site and export to Aerosoft, PMDG etc Come Join us at virtualflydubai.com
  7. Morgan

    Badge [Solved]

    Worked thanks
  8. Morgan

    Badge [Solved]

    there is no duplicate line and yes i did
  9. Morgan

    Badge [Solved]

    the text is the same color as the faded overlay, and on a diffrent version i got rid of the faded overlay and the text become the color of the orange etc This is in the local.config.php # Options for the signature that's generated Config::Set('SIGNATURE_TEXT_COLOR', '#000'); Config::Set('SIGNATURE_SHOW_EARNINGS', true); Config::Set('SIGNATURE_SHOW_RANK_IMAGE', false); Config::Set('SIGNATURE_SHOW_COPYRIGHT', false);
  10. Morgan

    Badge [Solved]

    Hello something very strange has happended, on my badges for my va the text color seems to be transparent, its ignoring the text color code in local.config.php file and just going the color of the background behind it :/ , no error in error log
  11. Morgan

    Forum Compromised

    Dear Everyone, 1) Mr. Dyba please do not apologies on my behalf. 2) I did not refer to you as hack but i did refer to you as childish, after i read your first post. you said this before there was any 100% proof, even now there is no proof Anyone did it. Also Mr."TAV1702" please try and be a adult here and not swear at me in public. Yours sincerely, Insitus Group Ltd, CN: 10502160 Represented by PSC M E Walton
  12. Morgan

    Forum Compromised

    Dear everyone Please stop this childish behavior, at the end of the day the "forum" is back up and working. To everyone who is calling the VAOS guys hackers, idiots and childish, well you need to look in the mirror... (TAV1702) There is no solid proof Mr. Dyba or Mr. Broad (VAOS guys) as involved in this "Cyber Attack" so until there is some please stop being children and pointing fingers at each other because all that will happen is this community will divide Mr. Dyba also said and i did, there was no trace of anything Mr. Dyba also said and Yours sincerely, Insitus Group Ltd, CN: 10502160 Represented by PSC M E Walton