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  1. Promotional videos

    What VA are you running?
  2. Promotional videos

    If you could provide me with clips I could have a go at doing it
  3. Avatar not appearing on every page

    That fixed it, Thanks!
  4. Hello, On my phpVMS install I have uploaded and selected my avatar in "My Profile" and on some pages on my CrewCenter site it works like this http://prntscr.com/gufodq, but on others it just shows the default no avatar picture, like this, http://prntscr.com/gufol4 Why is this? Thanks, Harry
  5. Need help installing PHPVMS 3

    Have you updated your /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf to include the directory where phpvms is installed?
  6. Broken "Add to Bid" Option

    Hi, For some reason when I press the Add to Bid button on any of my schedules I get this rather than an added bid http://prntscr.com/grb0qe As you can tell I am on the crew center skin. Thanks
  7. CrewCenter skin modifications

    Where can we download the AirMail plugin update?
  8. Custom ACARS Tracker

    How much do you think one would cost?
  9. Custom ACARS Tracker

    No more than $50, I would prefer if possible a fully custom one as I am setting up a VA for Shared Cockpit and I would like it to be integrated into flying shared cockpit
  10. Custom ACARS Tracker

    Hi, Is there anyone that can make a custom ACARS tracker for my VA for a cheap budget? Thanks
  11. Posting the link once will do.... and I dont think you understand how a Rank Structure works... the CEO is the highest position because the chairman is on the BoG and simply overlooks the airline and just supports the CEO
  12. Vacentral

    VACentral is down at the moment
  13. Problems with filing a pirep and acars map

    I was just giving an example of another error, if you find a solution please post here
  14. Problems with filing a pirep and acars map

    I have the same issue, if you try bidding charter flights you should have the same issue I do
  15. Problems with filing a pirep and acars map

    @Imanol, I have the exact same issue. When you create charter flights, do they display in the bids section after you create it? If not I have an ongoing ticket with TFDi where they are trying to help me fix it. If I find a solution I'll tell you