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  1. The Wilco E175 v.2 comes with the FeelThere Map! software, but is there any way to extract the FeelThere Map! from the Wilco E175 \Panel folder to be able to work on other aircraft?
  2. And don't forget to make your VA based in Tokelau to make sure people won't criticize you for a .tk domain
  3. There's starting to be a lot of Qatar and Emirates Virtuals....lol
  4. Joeri, his username sounds a bit like SkiesTheLimit (Chase Reid). Lol
  5. Wow. I must applaud your site work, not bad!
  6. Yes, Chase. That's who I was thinking of. By the way, please PM me @Chase
  7. Okay, now it seems like some reputable CEOs in the VA industry are getting annoyed at the term "cloud based pilot center". Haha
  8. What is the purpose of creating a second site with an install of phpVMS connected to the same database? I find that nearly pointless, assuming your host has good uptime.
  9. The newest American Airlines Virtual to the VA community is arriving this 27th of September, 2014! We exemplify professionalism at its best. DEFINITE FEATURES UPON LAUNCH: A fully functional website, running on the CMS phpVMS Our vAmeriCARS custom ACARS system, one of the best in the industry (more on this below) A cloud-based pilot center called Dialogue, also state-of-the-art in VA technology Live weather updates (METARs) from IntelliCast available online NOTAMs for various hazardous situations, such as severe turbulence Up-to-date schedules of the real-world American Airlines, and the latest fleet Finances calculated on a per-flight basis with live fuel costs Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, X-Plane 9 and 10, FlightGear, and possibly GEFS-Online. A partnership with the most advanced and newest Sun Country Virtual in the skies. Hubs at New York-Kennedy, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, Charlotte/Douglas, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Washington-Reagan EXPECTED FEATURES UPON LAUNCH: Up-to-date schedules of the real-world US Airways, part of the American Airlines Group Up-to-date schedules of all of American Airlines' Oneworld partners A comprehensive training system, including pilot type certification Our very own TeamSpeak server A community forum so you can stay in touch with your fellow pilots and staff members Plus more! ABOUT OUR vAMERICARS SYSTEM Our vAmeriCARS system, unique to American Airlines Virtual, is a state-of-the-art ACARS system developed in-house. It builds upon the foundation of normal ACARS, such as live flight tracking and dispatch, and adds more features to make our ACARS top-of-the-line and the best, giving us a competitive edge over the rest of the playing field. Planned features include the ability to record details of your entire flight, including time of pushback, rotation, and touchdown. Overspeed warnings and stalls are also recorded, enabling us to assist you if you need help flying properly. We also plan to include the small details that make flying an enjoyable and full experience, such as the ACARS automatically playing the audio of the American Airlines safety video during pushback from the gate, and flight attendant announcements that automatically play throughout their respective stages of flight. OUR STAFF Ben Benjadol - Chief Executive Officer Collin James Shea - Vice Executive Officer Hadee Alhassanawi - Chief Operating Officer Bill Wohlers - Vice President of Public Relations Dikembe Williams - Hub Manager, KJFK Dave Bielsker - Hub Manager, KDFW Farhan Saeed - Hub Manager, KLAX The following positions are currently available: VP of Website Development (must be fluent in PHP and HTML) VP of Programming Development (must be fluent in C#) VP of Scheduling and Fleet Hub Manager, KMIA Hub Manager, KCLT Hub Manager, KPHL Hub Manager, KPHX Hub Manager, KDCA Hub Manager, KORD LAUNCH INFORMATION We are opening on Saturday, September 27, 2014, at 7:00pm Eastern time (United States). You are invited to join the countdown fun on our Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/vamericanair We haven't released our website URL yet, but we will in the coming months! Ultimately, though, we hope you choose us as your partner in the success of your virtual airline career. Advance with us. Fly the best. Fly American Airlines Virtual. Sincerely, AAL0001 Ben Benjadol Chief Executive Officer American Airlines Virtual We are not related to the real American Airlines. For the real American Airlines, please visit http://www.aa.com/
  10. Well...it IS an industry of sorts, considering the amount of commercialization of virtual airlines nowadays.
  11. Hey Tim, can you please respond to my email concerning VAS? Thanks
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